MT Costello F15 (2)Designed by Michael and Stephanie Costello, MT Costello is inspired by the daring, outspoken and misbehaving spirit. It is the definition of sensuality in its most luxurious form, created for the youthful spirit and centered on the unconventional.

Always challenging boundaries and driven by emotionally charged design, MTCostello surpasses trends and stands out from the crowd.

Among an immaculate collection of gowns MT Costello’s solo male model made his way down the runway wearing nothing but a golden robe and only his hand to cover his adorned manhood. Guests could barely stay in their seats as the grand finale approached.

A model sauntered down the runway in a prosthetic human mask, she paused to glance at the crowd and tore back the mask revealing reptilian face makeup.

A standing ovation, cheers, and a few tears from guests followed as everyone in Lincoln Center knew this was the last moment.

Photos by Jeff Grossman, courtesy of Art Hearts Fashion