Cynthia Rowley F14 (31)Literally, the Cynthia Rowley Fall 2014 collection is ahead of its time. As designer Cynthia Rowley explained, “Fashion evolves at such a fast pace, and I’m always interested in exploring fresh new ways to show the collection. We shot the looks ahead of time so that when people arrived at the Diamond Horseshoe they had already seen the collection.”

Describing the collection, the New York-based designer said, “A moonbow motif runs throughout the collection. It seemed so optimistic, happy and romantic at the same time. I describe the collection as sporty glamorous with bonded piques, embellished rainbows, stain leaf appliqués and bonded cashmere cardigans that are mixed with polished leather culottes and layered sweaters that are like puzzle pieces that fit together.”

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Rowley