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Jewelry for Men: Understanding the Current Trends in Men’s Jewelry - FashionWindows

Do you want to begin wearing jewelry but aren’t certain where to start? Are you curious about the newest trends in jewelry for men?

The connection between confidence and jewelry is strong, and even more so in men’s fashion. It’s the perfect way to turn a regular outfit into something stunning that leaves you feeling amazing. 

We’ve put together a guide to jewelry for men down below to give you all the inspiration you need to explore your style. Check it out down below!

Create Interesting Textures

Texture is a great way to draw the eye and create an interesting style. One of the biggest trends right now is to embrace the idea of texture, whether it’s through natural stone, colorful patterns, or sequins.

Gone are the days where gems and jewels were seen as only meant for women. Black diamonds for men, for instance, are a huge asset to any man’s closet. They create a lot of texture through shimmer and shine. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to find a good sense of balance. When you have a lot of texture, it’s important to also have some neutral areas so that your outfit doesn’t appear too busy. 

Less Is More

If you’re nervous about diving into the world of jewelry, it’s best to start simple. There’s always a place for ‘less is more’ in the fashion world. 

The amount of jewelry you wear often depends on the environment. Going out with your friends is a great opportunity to wear whatever you want, but the workplace is a different matter.

Always check the mirror before you head in and take away one piece of jewelry before going to work. You want your fashion choices to dazzle, not distract!

Metallic and Sleek

Metals are a big trend right now because they’re sleek, smooth, and beautiful. If you’re looking to get started with wearing more jewelry, you can’t go wrong with choosing some strong metals. 

Silver is the biggest trending jewelry for men right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy gold or platinum. It’s even possible to mix and match your metals for a gorgeous effect. It’s all about experimenting until you find the perfect match for your outfit.  

Explore Personality

The best jewelry for men doesn’t only look good, it also shows off a facet of the wearer’s personality. From funky to sleek, there’s always a way to show off who you are through your jewelry. 

If you ever see a piece of jewelry that speaks to you, don’t hesitate to grab it and wear it. The best part about fashion is that there’s no real right or wrong answer. As long as it’s something you enjoy, that’s all that matters. 

That’s the key to showing off your personality to others without ever needing to say a word. 

More Than the Ordinary

When you’re first learning how to wear men’s jewelry, it’s easy to try and go for understated pieces. Something that doesn’t draw too much attention. It’s the way many people have viewed men’s jewelry for the longest time. 

The problem is that this kind of mentality goes against the booming jewelry trend of exploring anything wild and fun. No gender should feel stuck in one box anymore. It’s time to seek out those unique jewelry pieces that excite you. 

The more you put into your jewelry choices, the more trendy you’ll appear. Don’t ignore those out-of-the-ordinary jewelry pieces that inspire you. Enjoy playing with big necklaces, multiple rings, funky patterns, and more. 

Natural Beauty

Are you the type of person who loves the outdoors? Would you rather spend your weekend hiking in the forest instead of staying inside reading a book? 

The great news for you is that natural jewelry is getting more trendy every year. There are so many ways to show off the natural beauty of the world around us. Wooden bracelets are a big hit right now, but there’s also the option to use natural stone textures, seashells, beads, and feathers to create new looks. 

Many men like to collect mementos from their journeys and turn those into new jewelry pieces. It’s a wonderful way to find unique pieces that also have sentimental value. Sentimental items never go out of style!

Embrace Earrings

Earrings are another typical type of jewelry that was once seen as only a women’s option but that is quickly changing. These days, many men are getting their ears pierced and enjoying the new fashion avenues earrings open for them. 

It’s easy to change up earrings as well. From understated studs to large hoops, there’s a style of earring out there for everyone. 

The best part is that you don’t even have to get your ears pierced to have fun. If you’d rather test the waters first, there are plenty of stunning clip-on options that’ll give you a better idea if earrings are the right choice for you. 

Fun Pins and Brooches

Another big trend that only seems to be getting bigger is the use of pins and brooches. Many fashion-lovers enjoy pinning them anywhere and everywhere. 

Not only do these customizable jewelry pieces look good on a lapel, but they’re also great to turn your bag into a unique work of art. It’s yet another way to enjoy playing with fashion without feeling like you have to wear a million pieces of jewelry at once. 

It’s fun to collect different pins and brooches to match your current interests. Since they’re not a permanent thing, it takes a few seconds to switch up your entire ensemble to something funky and fresh!

Make a Statement With These Top Jewelry for Men Trends

By reading through our jewelry for men fashion guide, you’re putting yourself in a great spot to strengthen your style. Any of these trends aid in making a statement about who you are as a person. 

Don’t be afraid to explore new ways to dress and have fun in the process!

If you’re looking for more ways to amp up your style, make sure to check out the rest of our Fashion section for all the latest advice!