marina rinaldi S19 capsuleReinterpreting the most significant trends of the moment, Fausto Puglisi specifically designed a capsule collection for the Marina Rinaldi Spring/Summer 2019 campaign starring supermodel Ashley Graham.

Titled “Absolute Chic,” Puglisi proposed an absolutely feminine style that whispered elegance, unfailing in his desire to make it possible for all women to live courageously with style, regardless of size.

There are 16 items including outerwear, dresses, tops, skirts and, new this season, trousers. The range is completed by a pair of pumps and a versatile elastic belt to easily transform all the styles, highlighting the waist.

Key elements of the collection are the bright tones of fuchsia, yellow, blue and orange, alternating with black and khaki. And further enriched by dynamic ruffles that run along the garments and shoes to add movement to their silhouettes.

The zips have the dual task of adding multi-functionality to the models – for example making it possible to take off the sleeves – and to also act as accents of pure decoration.

The designer also came up with an original print for the capsule, a tropical hibiscus flower developed in four different color variations.

The studded leather jacket, symbol par excellence of Fausto Puglisi’s style, is transformed into a gritty leather and fabric bomber jacket, a blend of styles inspired by American colleges and NBA basketball. The capsule is expected to arrive in store between the end of January and the beginning of February.

Photos courtesy of Marina Rinaldi