Every angler builds his or her ideal fishing tool kit over time. As a beginner, you’re probably wondering where to start. Once you have your rod, reel, line, and bait in hand, you’ll want to grab a few other essential tools before you start having fun catching fish. 

Fishing is a unique sport and requires the use of specialized tools, clothing, and equipment. So let’s dive in and take a look at the top three essential fishing tools you gotta have!

1. Fishing Multi-Tool

A fishing multi-tool is a must-have and should be present in every angler’s tackle box. There are thousands of multi-tools available on the market, so there’s no shortage of choices. But let’s talk about some fishing-specific tools that are essential to have on the water. 


A knife comes in handy for cutting line, bait, and after you clean it, snacks. You’ll also want to look for a multi too with a serrated knife. A serrated knife is much more efficient at cutting rope, which will come in handy if you plan to spend time on a boat.


You shouldn’t even cast your line in the water if you don’t have a good pair of fishing pliers. They’ll be most useful when you land that big scaly fish and need to get the hook out of its mouth. Most multi-tools have pliers.

A File

Having a file on hand will prove useful when it comes time to sharpen your hooks. Some fish have a very strong jaw that requires a sharper hook. Your hooks will become dull after being dragged across sandy bottoms or after smashing into rocks.


A Phillips and flat head screwdriver are a multi-tool staple. You’ll probably find yourself using it to adjust the screws on your fishing reel, make small repairs on the boat, and who knows what else. Don’t buy a multi-tool without a screwdriver.

2. Landing Net

Whether you’re a freshwater, saltwater, boat, or river fisherman, a landing net will drastically improve the task of retrieving your fish. Look for one with a collapsable extendable handle and a wide enough basket for the species of fish you intend to catch. 

If you fish alone, a landing net will be your best pal as you hold the rod in one hand and net your catch with the other.

3. Fishing Shoes

A good pair of fishing shoes can make the difference between a great day, and a horrible day. The best fishing shoes provide grip, dry quickly, are lightweight, and are comfortable. 

Going barefoot leaves your feet exposed to rocks, hooks, broken glass, and sharp fish scales. If you’re on the boat, fishing shoes will provide improved grip for quick maneuverability on wet decks.

The Top Fishing Tools for a Beginner

After your rod and reel, you’ll want to invest in these three must-have fishing tools. As you gain experience you’ll begin to learn what tools you’d like to have on hand to make your time on the water more enjoyable. 

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