Did you know that hiking has seen a 171% boost in popularity in 2020?

While more people are becoming interested in outdoor activities, the trails have been buzzing with life. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or new to the sport, wearing the right gear is essential for your overall well-being and comfort.

No one should hit the trails before lacing up some high-quality hiking boots. Keep reading to learn 5 helpful tips that will make choosing hiking boots a breeze.

1. Set a Budget

People who are new to hiking are often surprised by the wide range of prices when looking for a new pair of boots. This is why it can be helpful to set a budget that you feel comfortable paying, which will make comparing boot prices easier. Anyone who doesn’t hike frequently might have difficulty justifying spending a ton of money on the highest quality boots.

2. Choose the Right Height

Navigating different boot sizes can be simple since you just need to look at size charts and try on a few pairs to see how they feel. Another important factor that you need to consider is boot height.

There are low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut boots available. Low-cut boots are similar to normal sneakers, while mid-cut boots cover your ankle and high-cut boots go up to your shin. The most popular type of boot to buy is mid-cut because it supports your ankles while still giving you enough freedom and mobility.

3. Think About Different Materials

Common hiking boot materials include leather, synthetic, and mesh.

Leather is a durable material, but these boots can be quite expensive. Synthetic can make great lightweight boots, and they dry faster than leather. Mesh boots are only ideal for people who live in warmer climates because this material is more breathable and thin.

4. Don’t Buy the First Pair You Like

Going into a sporting goods store is an easy way to know which size and style you’d like, but don’t feel pressured to buy the first pair you like. Buying boots online from stores like Chucksboots.com will give you access to a much bigger inventory and price range.

5. Consider Your Own Fashion Tastes

Gone are the days where women’s hiking boots have to be bulky and ugly. While aesthetics aren’t as important as comfort and protection, it’s still worth taking your own taste into consideration. Since you might find yourself with a few different options to choose from, the deciding factor should be which boots you’d like to see yourself in the most.

Choosing Hiking Boots Doesn’t Have to Be a Confusing Struggle

Now that you’ve read the best tips for choosing hiking boots, you’ll be able to find your perfect pair in no time. Once you’re wearing the right gear, you can hit the trails with confidence.

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