A hat without any decoration is a sad hat indeed. It has no pizazz. No personality. 

Bring a little flavor to your favorite headpiece by using the right cowboy hat decorations. All you need is a few items from the craft store to dress it up for a special occasion or just for funsies. 

You might not even have to go to a craft store. There’s a good chance that you have ribbons, beads, and other awesome items on hand already. 

Either way, before you gather your things, it’s important to decide how wild you want to go. We can help you decide what the limit is. Keep reading to learn more. 

Attach a Ribbon 

The first thing that any good cowboy hat needs is a ribbon. If you don’t want to use a ribbon, you can also grab a belt or a piece of felt. 

Secure the material around the hat with a hot glue gun and cut it to size. You can make it as thin or as wide as you want.

We will tell you that if you want to add any additional decorations to it, you may want to go wide. This will give you more material to work with. 

Use Feathers or Flowers

One thing that cowboy hats can’t do without is a feather. Position it to your liking under the band and place it using your hot glue gun. If you don’t like feathers, you can use flowers instead. 

If you want to go for a subtle arrangement, keep the number of feathers or flowers you use down to a minimum. Three will be the max. You can also go with a gaudier look by clustering several small flowers or feathers together in a clump. 

Include Beads 

If you’re arranging your mens hats for a holiday, the perfect way to do it is with beads. The most popular example is Mardi Gras. Glue strings of purple, gold, and green beads to your hat. 

Add the Finishing Touches

You don’t have to stop with beads. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorations. Many people will glue small medallions around the brim of their hats. 

If you’re decorating your hat for Christmas, you can glue little felt trees or snowmen around the brim as well. There’s only one rule of thumb to keep in mind. 

If your hat is made out of lightweight material, you’ll want to use lightweight decorations. Think feathers and flowers made with tissue paper. 

Cowboy Hat Decorations to Add a Little Flavor to Your Style 

A hat without any cowboy hat decorations is a bit sad. Dress up your favorite headpiece with paper flowers, coins, colored beads, and feathers. 

Doing so will make your hat the talk of the town while showing off everything your unique personality has to offer. 

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