To the naked eye, one can easily confuse spinel for ruby. Experts attribute this confusion to the fact that rubies, spinels, and sapphires form in the same mineral deposits. But, spinel does not receive as much recognition as the other two.

A spinel gemstone is an oxide of both aluminum and magnesium. Moreover, rubies are oxides of aluminum only. This explains why these gemstones are very much alike in physical attributes and chemical properties.

Now that you know what a spinel gemstone is, read on to learn everything you need to know before purchasing one.

1. Color of the Spinel Gemstone

The most sort-out spinel colors are highly saturated reds and light blues. This has happened to have the most resemblance to rubies. A red spinel stone tends to be more orange while a red ruby appears purple.

Black spinel gemstones give a glossy look but clear spinel gemstones are the purest. But, beware of buying synthetic spinel stones when looking for clear options. Besides, they are a more cost-efficient alternative if you are on a low budget.

2. Carat Weight

Sizes that are up to 20 carats are most available in the market. Standard-cut stones are available in 7*5mm and 6*4mm. Moreover, the more valuable gems are only found in about five carats.

This means that you should not shop while expecting large spinel stones. You can choose from the African Spinel Collection by carat weight.

3. Cut of the Stone

Cut of the stone gives the spinel gems a more brilliant luster. The spinel gem should reflect in a way that it spreads across the entire gem. Due to its octahedral nature in shape, you will find most spinel gems in the market in a cushion shape.

Moreover, oval and round shapes are common to save the weight of the spinel stone. The most valuable spinel gemstones are emerald, square, and rectangular cut stones.

4. Clarity of the Spinel Stone

If you prioritize purity in your stones then go for the clear ones. Red and blue hues might have some impurities like iron oxide.

Vivid reds are so rare that they almost always have fractures in them. Yet, pink and red spinel stones appear clearer to the eye relative to rubies.

5. Shop on a Budget

The African Spinel collection offers affordable prices for these stones. Prices reduce as shades vary from red to lighter hues.

The spinel gemstone only costs a fraction of what rubies go for. Most people think it’s because of poor quality but this is not the case.

What makes it cheaper is its low demand brought about by its rarity. Deep blue spinel stones always fetch more than the finest reds.

A Spinel Gemstone Buying Guide

Despite the public little knowledge of the gemstone, its use by royals in the past has earned it respect in the jeweler’s world. Consider the above aspects and you will have an easy time shopping for a spinel stone.

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