Chrissy Teigen in UGG Australia's Winter Campaign
Chrissy Teigen in UGG Australia’s Winter Campaign

When the weather turns cold, it is time to find the perfect shoe. Care should be taken when choosing the best footwear for the season—your winter shoes should not force you to compromise your fashion preferences or limit your cold weather activities. However, they must still protect your feet so that they are kept warm, dry and completely supported. Winter shoes such as emu uggs fit the bill on all accounts and deliver on your quest for winter shoes that are both fashionable and functional. Read my top four tips on what to look for when selecting a winter shoe.

Tip #1: Choose a shoe that will keep your feet warm!

Above all else, choose winter shoes that offer warmth. Some winter shoes, boots in particular, are constructed from materials with thermal properties. Boots therefore vary in terms of the amount of insulation they offer, and those with less insulation can be worn in other seasons. Take care to ensure that the amount of insulation in your new winter shoes is completely appropriate for your unique needs in winter.

Ugg boots make a great winter shoe and are unparalleled in the amount of warmth provided by their natural wool shearling that insulates amazingly well. When choosing ugg boots, be discerning and avoid those made from synthetic shearling. Boots of this type look authentic but provide little warmth, and they often smell awful once feet have perspired within them.

Tip #2: Choose a shoe that allows your feet to breathe

The lining of your winter shoe should not just protect your foot against the cold: high quality winter shoes and boots also feature antibacterial properties that reduce foot odour and the growth of bacteria. It can be hard to find winter boots that are waterproof as well as breathable. Shop around, compare your options and consider the benefits and limitations of different types of winter shoes and the materials from which they are made. Do your own research by visiting a reputable retailer such as MiniJumbuk to discover some great options.

Tip #3: Choose a shoe that is comfortable and has good support

In winter, we tend to wear warm shoes and boots for long periods of time. Therefore, comfort is a prime concern: your perfect winter shoe should offer sound arch support so that your body is better aligned when you walk in them. Ideally, your perfect winter shoe will also have a firm structure, padded sides and plenty of ankle support.

Tip #4: Choose a shoe that is safe in the wet

For winter, it is also wise to choose a shoe with good traction. Slips and falls on wet, icy surfaces are quite common in the colder months, so look for soles that grip the ground surface as securely as possible. In adverse conditions, shoes with high heels or soles devoid of grip can be dangerous. Consider looking for something more practical that is specifically designed for the weather conditions.

When choosing a winter shoe, consider your options carefully. Look for shoes that offer warmth, breathability, comfort, support and plenty of traction. With these qualities satisfied, you can’t go wrong!