Are you looking to upgrade your overall look with a farm and ranch t shirt?

If so, you’re likely wondering what’s the best way to style your t-shirt?

After all, how do you ensure that you always look good with your ranch t shirt?

You want to make sure you can style your t shirt that it’ll look good for any occasion.

This short guide will show the best ways for styling t shirts. Let’s start with what to wear with your t shirts:

1. Pair Your Ranch T Shirt

The first factor is to consider what bottoms you’ll pair with your ranch t shirt. If you’re working on the ranch, you want to consider either khaki chinos or jeans. 

For jeans, you want to consider the color. You can choose black, light blue, or dark blue jeans.

You want to consider the color to contrast with your t shirt. If you’re wearing a lighter t shirt you should stick to darker jeans. For darker t shirts, choose a light blue pair of jeans.

2. Own Several Ranch T Shirts

You’ve also got to consider owning several ranch t shirts with different colors and styles.

For example, you should have at least one t shirt for every day that you work on your ranch. If you work 5 days per week, you want to own at least 5 ranch t shirts.

You should then consider the color and styles of your t shirts. If you work in hot weather, stick to light blue and white t shirts. For cold weather, stick to gray, black, and dark blue t shirts.

You can also consider buying a few long sleeve ranch t shirts if you primarily work in cold weather. 

You also want to consider whether you want to wear graphic t shirts. If your work involves getting dirty, it’s best to avoid this altogether. You want your graphic t shirts to last for years and they’ll easily get worn if you work in the dirt.

Make sure you also choose ranch t shirts that are durable. Lighter t shirts are the most comfortable when working in hot weather. However, these t shirts can often tear within a few washes. You want to wear thick material even when working in hot weather.

An alternative is to wear a cloth shirt over your ranch t shirt if you prefer wearing lighter material. But you want to make sure that you buy t shirts that last for years.

3. Accessories

One of the best ways to style your ranch t shirts is to choose a few accessories to go with them.

As mentioned in the previous point, you can wear cloth shirts along with your ranch t shirts. You can choose a short sleeve cloth shirt if you work in hot weather and wear lighter ranch t shirts.

For cold weather, you want to consider buying a couple of thick cloth shirts to wear over your ranch t shirt. Depending on how cold the weather is, you can consider buying flannel or wool shirts as well.

Next, you want to consider if you want to wear any headgear to supplement your ranch t shirt. You can choose patch hats as great protection from the cold weather. It’s also great for absorbing sweat if you work in hot weather.

You’ve also got to consider the shoes you wish to wear with your look. If you work in snow, make sure you consider buying heavy snow boots or rain boots. For warm weather, you can choose regular leather cowboy boots.

You want to choose shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and practical for your ranch. You also want to think about what shoes you can wear when you’re off the ranch. Flat casual shoes or boat shoes are a great option for this.

4. What Type of T Shirt Do I Choose?

The next factor is to choose what type of t shirt you wish to wear. For most ranchers, a crew neck t shirt is the best option.

These are also ideal for working in cold weather. They’re the best option for absorbing dirt as well. If you work in hot weather, you might want to consider a V-neck t shirt.

If you work in cold weather, consider wearing Henley t shirts. These are buttoned t shirts that have a crew neck. These are also long sleeve and offer great upper body protection.

Some ranch t shirts will also come with breast pockets. These are ideal if you need to grab your tools as you’re working. However, if you have to bend often while working this isn’t practical.

You should also consider wearing ranch t shirts that reach beyond your hips. This protects the t shirt from riding up while you’re working. This is crucial for protecting your skin from dirt or cold weather.

5. Material

The final factor is to consider the type of material you’ll need for your ranch t shirt.

Cotton works best for most scenarios. It’s a thick material that works well for gathering dirt and protecting from cold weather. This also ensures that your ranch t shirt lasts for several years.

Merino is a great material for working in colder weather. It’s a premium type of wool and doesn’t garner much odor. You can wear these for 1 or 2 weeks without needing to wash them.

For working in hot weather you can choose to wear a Jersey ranch t shirt. This type of ranch t shirt is a combination of cotton and synthetic fabric.

Style Your Ranch T Shirt

Now you know how to properly style your ranch t shirt and make a great impression.

With these tips, you’ll be able to look great while working on the ranch. You’ll also have a great look for when you leave the ranch and go out into town!

Start by finding the right pair of bottoms for your ranch t shirt. You also want to have a large collection of t shirts for different occasions. Make sure you also invest in a few accessories to complement your look!

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