Around 86% of American women spend less than $100 on lingerie every year. The right set of lingerie can transform your mood and take your confidence to the next level. Whether you’re wearing it for yourself or as a gift for your partner, you’ll want to find the ideal options.

To save time and money, you’ll need to know some of the most common lingerie shopping mistakes and how to avoid them. This guide will explore how to do that.

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1. Not Knowing Your Size

One of the worst mistakes you can make is not taking a fit test. There are a variety of different lingerie sizes, and selecting something by guessing will leave you disappointed and uncomfortable.

Don’t assume that your band and cup size are the same across all brands. The way that a bra is made, the design quality, and the materials used all play a role in how well it fits you.

2. Ignoring the Fabric Quality

As cute as some lingerie may be, they could be made with unsuitable fabrics. This can lead to skin rashes, chafing, and scratches which are sure to make you feel unsexy. That’s why you want to look for lingerie that is made with cotton or semi-cotton rather than anything too tight and lacy. 

3. Not Creating a Budget

You don’t need to buy a ton of lingerie, but you should have a handful of high-quality staples for special occasions or for days where you could use a confidence boost. However, nice lingerie can be expensive, and you can easily go overboard if you don’t create a budget. 

Shopping online gives you the benefit of finding unique pieces at reasonable prices. Take a look at for an unbeatable selection of lingerie that’s sure to wow. 

4. Never Switching It Up

Humans are creatures of habit, so it’s easy to find a certain lingerie style or brand and stick to it for years. You have to embrace the new designs and styles that emerge in the market. There’s no harm in testing the waters; you always have your comfortable option to fall back on.

Testing new types of lingerie opens new possibilities to express yourself and feel amazing, so go ahead and try out as many options as you want.

5. Choosing the Wrong Colors

There are some lingerie colors, like black or red, that are classics. They’re universally flattering and easy to find. As the lingerie market expands, you’ll begin to notice new patterns and bold colors emerge. 

This is great but remember that not every color is suitable for what you’re wearing or looking for. When deciding on a color, think of your skin tone, the clothes you’ll wear over it, and any other similar factors.

6. Trusting Suspicious Offers

This mistake is common for online shoppers, and you’ll need to trust your intuition to avoid making it. There are many scams online that offer unbelievable deals for high-quality lingerie. 

It may be tempting to buy from these websites, but it’s best to avoid it. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Common Lingerie Shopping Mistakes

Making these lingerie shopping mistakes can result in poor posture, discomfort and leave you in a bad mood. You should feel empowered and comfortable, so it’s crucial that you learn from these common errors. It’s particularly tricky when you’re buying lingerie online, so be sure that you’re comparing lingerie costs and reading online customer reviews.

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