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7 Must Have Products for Curly Hair - FashionWindows

65% of people in the US have curly hair. 

People everywhere are starting to embrace their natural curls, showing off their hair’s bounce and shine. Taking care of curly hair can be difficult, especially for those living in hot, humid climates. 

If you’re a curly-headed woman, there’s a good chance you’ve spent too much time in the beauty aisle staring at hair products. Knowing what products to buy for your curls can get to be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Below is a list of 7 products you need to grab if you have curly hair. Make sure to keep reading to get yourself set up to rock your curls all summer long. 

1. Curly Curl “Gello” by Taliah Waajid

This product is one of the best hair products for keeping curls moisturized and defined. It’s especially useful if you have fine or medium hair. 

Too heavy of product can weigh down the curls of fine hair, but this product seems to be weightless. It cuts down on frizz, amps up the shine, and has just the right amount of shea butter. 

Another Taliah Waajid product to check out is the Protective Styles Bamboo, Biotin, and Basil curl activator. It helps your hair with its curl memory and reduces breakage. 

Both products are extremely affordable!

2. Detangler Brush by Felicia Leatherwood

Brushing curly hair can be a pain. This brush, when used properly, is gentle on the head and hair. It can be used to detangle and style the hair. 

Other stylists recommend The Wet Brush or The Wet Brush Pro. You can start off by using your fingers to detangle your hair and then bring in The Wet Brush. Because it has soft bristles, it won’t break or damage your hair.

3. Curls and Waves Detangler by Sun Bum

A detangler is one of the most crucial curly hair products to keep in your bathroom. It’ll save your hair’s life!

For an affordable detangler, try the Curls and Waves Detangler by Sun Bum. It’s good for fine curls because it feels weightless. This detangler also has UV protection so it’s perfect for those living in bright, sunny areas. 

Other affordable detanglers include the Tahitian Gardenia Flower and Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler by Not Your Mother’s and the Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangler. Check out your local beauty supply store or Amazon for these. 

4. Potent Aloe and Mango Shampoo and Conditioner by Herbal Essences 

Meet some hair products you need to keep in your shower. This duo’s delicious scent will draw you in, and the aloe will keep you committed. 

The aloe helps boost shine and smooths out any frizz and tangles. Plus, these products are sulfate-free. This keeps your hair from appearing dull and dry. 

Are you looking for something to hold you over in-between shampoo washes? Give Bumble & Bumble’s Bb Curl Care Custom Conditioner a shot. 

It serves as a conditioner, leave-in, and co-wash. You’ll swoon over its pudding-like texture. Use it to give your hair a boost in the mornings!

5. Shower and Satin-Lined Caps

If you want to keep your curls fresh and dry in the shower, you’ll need a pack of shower caps. A plastic shower cap is also great for long hair care days at home. 

As you fold laundry, cook dinner, or lounge on the couch, put a deep conditioning treatment in your hair. Throw on a plastic shower cap, and let the conditioning treatment do its job while you carry on with your day. 

A satin-lined cap is perfect for bedtime. Wearing a satin cap will keep your hair from becoming too frizzy and tangled throughout the night. An alternative is investing in satin pillowcases. 

6. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This clay mask is a double-whammy for curly-haired cuties! It’s great for the face and curly hair. 

It’s made up of 100% calcium bentonite clay that cleans up the build-up of moisturizers, conditioners, and creams we have sitting on our scalp. Avoid applying this with metal, and don’t use it on chemically-treated hair. 

Before applying it to your hair, use a non-metal bowl to mix 2 tablespoons of the clay with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture to sections of unwashed hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes, and then gently wash it out with warm water. 

7. Hair Oil by Oaui

This company creates some of the best hair products, especially this oil for curly hair. All it takes is adding a few drops to wet hair. 

The oil is packed with nutrients and is quickly absorbed by the hair. You can even use it as a hydrating mask overnight. Break out those plastic shower caps you bought!

Figure Out Your Hair Porosity 

Hair porosity is how well your hair soaks up or repels ingredients from the products you use. Understanding the porosity of your hair can take your curls from good to great to amazing. 

If your hair has low porosity, the cuticles are close together and repel moisture and ingredients you place in your hair. Medium porosity indicates normally-spaced pores. High porosity indicates extremely open pores that suck up too much moisture and leave your hair dry.

You can use this quiz to discover your hair’s porosity and further research products best for your hair porosity type. It’s quick and easy!

Because low porosity hair comes with a build-up of products most of the time, it’s best to use clarifying products. Individuals with high porosity should be using conditioning and moisturizing products. Those with medium porosity can use a balance of the two. 

The Best in Curly Hair Care

For those with curly hair, finding curly hair products you can trust may prove to be difficult. Use the above list on your next stop in the beauty aisle for some help.

It’s important to understand your curl type and hair porosity as you invest in products. You can also see if the above-mentioned products come in travel sizes to give them a try before buying a full size. 

Do want to discover more beauty and fashion tips? Take a look at the rest of our site.