Fashion moves fast.

One second, you’re tossing your hair high into a scrunchie and rocking skinny jeans. Then, the next thing you know, people are wearing baggier jeans and ditching their scrunchies.

What gives?

The summer fashion trends of 2021 are here, and there’s no slowing down. Check out this quick guide to keep up with trending styles, or you may just miss it!

The Simple Crop Top

Fashion trends tend to go from one extreme to the next. While the mid-2010s had us sporting oversized t-shirts, the 2020s are whiplashing us in the complete opposite direction: crop tops.

Although the oversized styles are still on-trend, crop tops make your legs look longer and are perfect for combatting that summer heatwave.

If you’re looking for casual and sustainable lounge clothes, check out this company for inspiration.

Tie-Dye Everything

Last summer, it was very difficult to walk into a clothing store and not get blitzed by tie-dye everywhere you looked. It was on everything: shirts, hoodies, clothy pajama shorts, and practically everything else.

This 2021 fashion started as an at-home activity to ward off quarantine boredom in 2020, but leading style experts soon caught on and filled the racks with a colorful array of tie-dye clothing, typically in the scrunch-dye pattern.

Tie-dye is still going strong in 2021, both as a DIY project and a sought-after store item. Icy blues, charcoal grays, and other cooler-toned colors tend to be the most popular shades. 

Straight-Leg Jeans

No need to hop in the DeLorean and see that this 1980s trend is coming back with a vengeance. Straight-leg jeans are here to stay.

It feels like yesterday that skinny jeans were the latest and greatest piece of denim to grace our legs. Now, the millennial-loving fashion trends are meeting their demise. 

Straight-leg jeans (and their also-popular cousin, the wide-leg jean) come in a variety of shades and textures. Some pairs have rips in the knees and frayed ends, while others have neat edges and no rips. Both are trending styles.


Yes, you read that correctly.

Though not every guy is willing to don this bold 1980s look, any teenage boy will tell you that mullets have crept their way into 2021 fashion.

Younger generations are putting a more modern spin on the classic mullet, however.

Instead of the drastic difference in length from front to back, 2021 trends lean toward a more subtle mullet, with distinct lengths that taper off not quite as dramatically.

Sunkissed Makeup

Long gone are the harsh, angular makeup looks you saw all over Instagram circa 2016. Now, the latest fashion trends are toning it down.

Instead of boxy brows, try styling them light and feathery. Next, add a generous amount of blush to both your cheeks and nose for a soft, rosy look.

Dot on a few faux freckles and you’ll look like you’ve spent all day in the sun! 

Try These Summer Fashion Trends Today 

Summer fashion trends come and go, but the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel best.

If you’re looking to try the latest fashion trends, however, throw on a new pair of straight-leg jeans, cut yourself a mullet, and keep exploring our site for more ideas.