AAU Vivian Mazuki Dale Beevers Grad 2014 (1)

Vivian Mazuki, B.F.A. Fashion Design, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and grew up in Singapore.
Her collection was inspired by Christopher Payne’s photograph collection “Asylum,” and is
constructed from cashmere, wool suiting, pin-stripe wool and silk wool blend fabrics.

Vivian collaborated with Dale Beevers, B.F.A. Jewelry and Metal Arts, who hails from Bloomfield, New Mexico.

Dale wanted her jewelry to evoke a feeling of restrained madness, balancing the natural chaos and unmodified beauty of the natural materials with the structure of precisely designed forms and highly refined surfaces. She used a variety of materials to create her senior collection including wood, horn, bone, brass, cement, coral and pyrite. During the Portfolio Review before the Fashion Show, Rosita Missoni bought some of Dale’s bracelets.