PARIS, Jan 17, 2013/ — For Fall/Winter 2013-2014, Titi Kwan ventures further into his Parisian phantasmagoria as underlined with the fabric he used.

A phantasmagorical vision of a Paris dreamed when as a young men, he imagined the creatures of the night glide between iconic clubs like Bain Douche, Piscine and Palace.

A universe reinterpreted with rounded shapes as if to recall a vision about the order of chimeras. High-waisted pants, quilted trench coat, sweaters, emerging one by one, subtly atypical. A minute detail transcends each piece. From cotton to wool, the cloth exposes itself, transfigured.

The silk covers itself with plastic and becomes an entirely different fabric. The element, flexible, surrenders itself to the pattern. The padded prints offer a variation of greens that displays a technological feat.

Tulle embroidered with metallic thread becomes a polo shirt. Polyester stretches itself, becoming expansive fiber and sweater. Iridescent fabrics seem to capture the light of the mystery itself inside their fibers.

Every detail demonstrates absolute mastery. Piped pockets, belt with different clasps… A creative play gives life to a great elegance. The different textures, the touch and aesthetics appear to be a plural echo to the plurality of men that they can wear. Like a dream, to dress…

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