Andrea Crews S15 (29)PARIS, Jul 4, 204/ — He has doe eyes and a killer smile: the Andrea Crews man is proudly making his debut into Paris’ official ready-to-wear menswear calendar (but acting totally blasé about it).

This season, our long-haired Cupid is being given a makeover by a gang of intellectual twerkers, to the live electrical merengue beats of Maluca. The tropical punkette has come straight from Manhattan for a residence with Red Bull Studio Paris, to compose a exclusive-explosive creation remixed by Parisian electronic band Club Cheval.

Our creature from the future is a fearless flâneur, and takes on his American cousin, an artist and rave dancer, on a tour of Paris 3.0 : the pair befriends the guards of the Musée d’Art moderne and the souvenir sellers by the Eiffel Tower. They stroll around a universe inhabited with pop sculptures by French collective Modèle Puissance.

Prints of large birds ogling masterpieces of art are taking center stage on the duo’s garments.
The paintings later brighten up sportswear attires, and give a contrasting twist to iconic urban silhouettes, such as the classic 90s tracksuit.

These artworks are also reinterpreted through the filter of a touristic souvenir stand: our mighty gang of two also wears up-cycled scarves bearing silken Van Gogh clouds or 3D impressions of Monet’s Nymphéas.

Impressionism soaks in the colors of the street and the energy of Naïve Art, for a Street Arte Povera pop style, which confronts sunhats and baseball caps worn backwards ; high-tech, raw fabrics and shimmery silks.

Through this Guarana-injected show with an Anormcore boost, Maroussia transforms her crew and the public into post-gender barracudas, where men are more virile than ever in tank top-dresses. Always freer, always fresher.

To be consumed without moderation.