Antonio Ortega HC14 (35)PARIS, Jul 10, 2014/ — A new arrival in the world of Parisian Couture, Montréalais by adoption with Mexican origins, Antonio Ortega presents his first Paris collection after 10 years of shows in Montréal, Toronto and New York.

A first collection, generous and full of surprises, with 36 silhouettes that glimmer and challenge, full of inspiration at the crossroads of clashing cultures, mix and match and métissage.

Ladder stitches dominate his clothes, where traditional embroidery finishes fabric edges, his trademark respectful of the know-how of a universal heritage: transforming the material by extracting its threads.

An identity re-vindicated by the designer who visits time and time again the world and its allegories where the beast, both here and faraway, rules ruthlessly since time immemorial.

In his symbolism the serpent is king, Medusa with viper hair in mythology , the avatar of the original sin or uraeus venerated in ancient Egypt, the ancestral Aztec feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl… the serpent with its kyrial of meanings, adorations and fright from revulsion.

A phallic symbol of sensuality and sexuality, with its flexible and fluid undulations, sinusoids, spirals and convolutions, its scales and luxurious skin shedding like discarding one dress for another; the beast represents all that fascinates an Antonio Ortega passioned by visual drama.

Superposing transparencies, shifting and shiny materials, unfinished completions, tattoos on leather, twisted skirts, re-embroidered guipure lace, the use of noble materials like silk behind all the seams, agneau plongé and cashmere, natural yet surprising textiles such as hemp or artificial materials like the rarely used ecological fiber tencel, made from eucalyptus pulp. With feathers and more feathers… from the feathered serpent. Not to mention the numerous accessories yours to discover.

A collection for the urban Pocahontas of today and tomorrow; chic and stylish for the shopper constantly pounding city asphalt and playing the new gorgon of modern times.