The Arava Polak “Mystery Garden” Collection draws inspiration from enchanting blossoms of lilies in the spring when fields are decorated with a delicate pale blush.

Ariva Polak Fall 2024 Bridal Collection
Ariva Polak Fall 2024 Bridal Collection / Danilas Photography

This collection is a heartfelt celebration of the bride’s natural allure, offering a youthful, fresh, and reimagined take on the modern classic wedding dress. Expect voluminous skirts adorned with exquisite 3D floral accents, harmoniously paired with elegantly fitted silhouettes. The designs feature blending shades of ivory and blush silk tulles, creating a timeless and delicate ensemble with a hint of glamour.

Arava Polak welcomes you to enter a world where secrets and romance intertwine, just like the hidden beauty of a garden in full bloom.

Established in 2013, Arava Polak caters to the feminine, sophisticated, and modern bride. Founder and Creative Designer of her eponymous bridal company, Arava Polak, expresses her creativity and devotion to design through her unparalleled bridal collection. Based in Haifa, Israel, Arava Polak applies intricate sewing techniques, unique to the luxury brand. Local artisans apply a rigorous and handmade process of careful stone setting which results in exclusive and breathtaking textures.

Arava Polak blends Israeli craftsmanship with the finest fabrics and materials. Hand embroidered laces, delicate floral motifs, nude and ivory hues as well as minimalist designs with romantic and avant-garde touches symbolize the Arava Polak collections. Each gown is couture sewn with meticulous handmade local practices creating unmatched, glamours designs. Precise details, high-quality fabrics and complex handcrafted techniques display luxuriousness of Arava Polak. Continuing to expand within the international market, Polak’s gowns can be found in some of the most affluent boutiques around the globe.

Photos by Dudi Hasson / Courtesy Arava Polak