Shiatzy Chen S14 Backstage (32)PARIS, Oct 2, 2013/ — In March of 2013, SHIATZY CHEN celebrated its 35th anniversary with its debut presence at the Grand Palais in Paris. For the 2014 Spring-Summer collection, SHIATZY CHEN revisited the special location at 5:30 on October 1st to present its 11th fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week.

It was a backstage mayhem as models get ready for this historic show.

With the theme of “Sceneries of Time”, SHIATZY CHEN’s 2014 Spring-Summer collection extracts the memories and images from the past 35 years through deconstruction of the lines from paintings by Picasso and Mondrian.

Each expression is a reflection of the path taken by SHIATZY CHEN. Here Creative Director Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia(Ms. Shiatzy Chen) tells her stories of memories from childhood, colorful sc eneries and her experience at this collection.