hair extensionsHair extensions are a wig alternative for women who have short hair and would like to add some length or volume. They involve using the existing natural hair as a foundation for the hair product.

Therefore, they are not for use if you have extremely short or no hair. If you are able to use them, you will find they come in a few options and you can often match your hair color closely enough that the extensions are nigh on undetectable. All hair extension types are easy to find online at stores like Advent Hair.

One of the methods of hair extension application is clips. These hair extensions simply clip into the existing hair. This means removal later is as easy as taking your hair down would be if you held it back with a barrette.

The clips are on the underside of the extensions so that they are not apparent once the extensions are in. However, if you want to put your longer hair up, you need to watch where the clips are so they do not show when you style your hair.

Another popular hair extension type has tape for application to existing hair. The pieces tape to each other in such a way that the extensions can last several months. Therefore, this option is better for individuals who are looking for a long-lasting hair extension option.

The upkeep only involves removing and re-taping the product, so the initial cost is the biggest and the maintenance is minimal.

What you likely want most out of women’s hair extensions is the ability to style them. What is the point of getting a bunch of new hair if it can only lay there flat? While hair extensions have varying levels of success with styling, you can always curl, straight iron and even use styling products in hair extensions.

Human hair material tends to work better with your natural hair than synthetic, but good synthetics provide a near-identical experience. If you have the kind that stay in, style with your natural hair. If you have clip-in extensions, you can style your hair before you even clip it in.