On a vacation in Jamaica, designer Keri O’Shea’s pre-teen son made a comment about the suit on “that guy over there” as being really cool & why can’t he wear a suit like that?

She immediately looked over & replied to her son, “you have great taste! That guy is Ralph Lauren & that suit truly is incredible!”

Upon return to the States, Keri set about searching for a suit that would check all the boxes – body conscious, but not overly revealing, fashionable yet still functional, colorful but never garish, versatile yet still clearly swimwear.

She immediately called up her dear friend, fellow mom & like-minded creative, Heather Durst, & the duo set about to rethink the modern American swim aesthetic. Fast-forward 3 years (a slight delay due to the pandemic) & blú swimwear was born.

blú swimwear answers every “need” Keri & Heather set out to address when they began putting pen to paper. The prototypes were immediately granted favorite swimsuit status by their families & the first production run made quite a splash (pun intended…) with their friends & family. Now, for Summer 2022, the collection is finally available to the public in a meaningful way.

The collection consists of two silhouettes, The Bather, a slim to the body, extended square-cut suit that embodies more of the European side of the range (the suit like Ralph was wearing!) & their version of a Trunk, but with a liner that transports the wearer immediately into the world of luxury swim.

blú swimwear

Each silhouette is available in a range of colors & patterns. Regardless of which silhouette you choose; you’ll be glad you did.

Made of 80% polyester & 20% Lycra, each suit is sourced & sewn using factories committed to sustainable practices.

Doing good doesn’t stop at the factory level. 5% of every suit sold is donated to the Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit that cleans up the shores of the world’s coastlines.

The Bathers all retail for $116.00 & the Trunks are $136.00. Each is available in Sizes S – M – L – XL for immediate shipping at www.diveintoblu.com.