Making natural cosmetics at home can be fun and also reassuring. You at least know what you are putting into the product. You are able to choose from a wide range of natural and organic products. However, a person needs to be careful because if bacteria get into the natural cosmetics it can cause havoc on the skin.

It is very important that we as consumers start to look at the products that we buy and the impact that they have on our health and the environment. Natural organic cosmetics have made a big comeback over the last decade and with the huge range of quality products on offer it is definitely worth considering. Celebrities have the ability to generate a lot of interest in new products and with the amount of exposure that they receive the beauty products that they use and their beauty secrets are always sought after.

In the world of beautiful women, make-up products, in particular those that are deemed natural cosmetics are inevitable components of everyday wear. And due to the many adverse effects attributed to chemical substances in quite a few cosmetic products, people have shifted unceremoniously to the use of natural cosmetics.

Skin care and makeup products for teenagers and adults are not the same. This is a big mistake by many teens where these younger girls make use of whatever products they find in their mother’s dressing table. The teenager’s skin is definitely very sensitive and using the skin products for adults can cause rashes, acne and other skin irritations. When women get older, their skin loses moisture and elasticity. To protect the maturing skin, it is recommended that these women switch to oil-based makeup to make the skin look youthful such as charlotte tilbury cosmetics. Renewed moisture will make the aging skin smooth; the skin tightens and the fine lines are hidden.

Having said all of the above, one must always keep in mind that the Cosmetic Industry is self-regulated. They are the best marketers in the world. After all, they have been selling a false dream for centuries and continue to grow with annual revenue estimated to be over 50 billion. As great marketers, it is only logical that they would want to capitalize on any growing trend, and the trend towards organic and/or natural cosmetic products is obvious. So, here is where consumers must be very careful as products will carry organic or natural claims because it might be in the cosmetic company’s best interest.

Photo by Emma Ava, courtesy of Wikipedia