AW14 Corrie Nielsen at Paris Fashion Week, Paris on 25th February 2014

From the press notes:

Berceaud l’humanité (Cradle of humanity) Life and humanity is constructed by a wealth of emotions and experiences; the creation of ourselves and our origins is a myth.

Corrie Nielsen’s A/W 2014 collection mirrors this mythological transportation and growth of a woman through all forms and subjection to human emotion. Corrie’s figure travels through love, seduction, along with pain and suffering directed only by intense emotion and spirituality.

The collection is a manifestation of the designer’s passion for the human condition and human nature; the tiniest details that make up the individual’s soul, their essence.

This romantic, elegant and timeless collection is founded and inspired by a woman’s self sacrifice for love and emotion. Corrie effortlessly weaves passion, seduction, desire, theatricality and desperation into this collection

The colors and fabrics that make up this collection are all inextricably linked to the mythical characters that are at the heart of the designer’s inspiration.

Dark colors such as black, navy and plum evoke the intensity and darkness of seduction and unapologetic sexual desire connected to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, inspired by the Prince of Wallachia, Vlad III.

The structured silhouettes and sculptural forms that are synonymous with Corrie’s collections emphasize movement and sensuality – underlining the female form.

Soft golds and silvers, finished off with Duchesse satin and French lace recall an almost holy calm, romance and purity recollecting Joan of Arc’s devoted soul resulting in an ultimate martyrdom and Peter Paul Rubens’ heavenly musings and inspiration.

Corrie Nielsen, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate, has been successfully showcasing her collections for the past six seasons. She was crowned Fashion Fringe Winner in 2010 by John Galliano, Colin McDowell’s London platform.

Photos by Daniel Sims, courtesy of Corrie Nielsen