Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita

GUAM, Mar 7, 1997/ FW/ — Dolce Vita, the newest fragrance from the House of Dior. Launced a year ago, this perfume was designed for young women between. Not heavy nor too light, the perfume is classified as a “daytime fragrance”.

Bright, cheery and youthful – that’s the theme of this window. The bright yellow background with touches of gold, the bigger than life print of the model placed there to echo the international ad campaign for the fragrance. Minimal props were used – three giant factices and a floral arrangement.

This window is not fantastic, but not bad looking either. It follows the minimalist trend and the bigger than life reproductions make it easy for brand recognition. Not the best window ever, but, definitely not the worst. It does what is supposed to do – promote the product and recognize the brand and the House of Dior.


DFS Galleria
1296 Pale San Vitores
Tumon, Guam 96911
(671) 646-9640/9641

Photos by MARI DAVIS