Erin Fetherston F14 (1)

In a New York season where European aesthetics dominates, Erin Fetherston did not go far from home for her inspiration. With the legendary Barbizon Hotel as her muse, Erin came up with refined and feminine frocks that have been imbued with the glamour and charm that is identified with famous hotel.

Located at 140 East 63rd Street in New York’s Upper East Side, the Barbizon Hotel (now known as Barbizon 63) was built in 1927. It was a destination for young women coming to New York City in pursuit of big city dreams.

Part residence, part charm school, it was home to famous beauties like Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Cybill Shepard and Edith Bouvier Beale. For most of its existence, the Barbizon Hotel operated as a residential hotel for women, with no men allowed above the ground floor, and strict dress and conduct rules were enforced.

It was that era of the Barbizon that was the focus of Erin Fetherston. Playing on Camelot era codes of feminine dressing, Fetherston works with decadent jacquards, delicate laces and rich textures to create dresses with her signature polish.

Cocktail dresses are defined by their statement making skirts, ranging from sleek and slim to flirty and flared. Separates make their entrée by way of illusion; cleverly constructed pop-over tops and exquisitely embellished chiffon tees adjoin bell and ball skirts alike.

Bold floral pastiche prints adorn neoprene and silk ottoman, adding a decidedly modern punch to the designer’s romantic palette of wintery pastels and dazzling hues of emerald, sapphire, and ruby.

The collection is retro with modern touches; thus underneath that innocent wide-eye look is a simmering mischievousness that makes the Erin Fetherston woman adorable and covetable.

Photos courtesy of Erin Fetherston