Faconnable Cruise 2014 (17)

NICE, France, May 23, 2013/ — For the new 2014 Cruise collection, the luxury French Riviera lifestyle brand Façonnable found modern inspiration in the wonders of the sea depths of Jules Verne’s 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Channeling these adventurous journeys over sea and land, the design team crafted an alluring collection that combines a fresh nautical bent with an adventurous safari spirit; military details add an unexpected element to the upbeat mix.

For this season, Façonnable wanted to embrace the Cruise season and create pieces that looked and felt luxurious but at the same time had a certain spirit and attitude about them. There’s a true focus on the details.

Indeed, each piece is a study in refinement and innovation and the collection, with its tailored safari jackets, clean-lined cargo pants and embroidered shirts, continues Façonnable’s inimitable tradition of unencumbered style.

Beginning with men’s, the design team worked a palette of rich blues, from dark navy to indigo, Capri to lilac, along with earthier tones like olive, sage and pebble, among others.

Key pieces include a refreshed safari jacket, streamlined chinos and a reversible jacket (one side canvas and the other nylon) along with a special line-up of Faconnable shirts, which, this season feature sporty nautical embroideries.