How to Dress Elegantly for Every OccasionElegance goes beyond the fads and trends of high fashion. It is like the punctuation of a sentence. It gives meaning and emphasis to statement pieces that otherwise would go unnoticed, but how do you achieve elegance? It is not from one single item; rather it is how you put together a look.


The color of an outfit is the first thing that is noticed. Monochrome outfits are an easy way to cheat style. Black is the understated elegant color that Coco Chanel transitioned from a tone associated with grief and mourning into a color that oozed sophistication. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors, including gray and navy. Color trends come and go, but neutral colors remain classic and elegant. Cleverly using tones makes an elegant statement.

  • Tip: Match the color of your coat with your sweater to make your outfit look more together.

An important aspect of looking elegant is the tailoring of the clothes that you wear. Your clothes need to look as if they were tailored just for you. While you may not have the budget to have your shirts or blouses made bespoke for your body shape, it can pay dividends to adjust your clothes to suit your shape and can be an inexpensive alternative. Avoid baggy, shapeless items that do not flatter you.

  • Tip: Double up on tailoring. A fitted blazer instantly makes an outfit look elegant, but wear it with an overcoat or duffle coat men UK over the top in a complementing tone to make it look even smarter.

Ironing, an activity that is both time-consuming and laborious; however, it is essential to enhance the look of the clothes that you wear. You can have put together a fabulous outfit, but if it is riddled with creases, your style points plummet. Ironing your clothes before you wear them drastically improves your appearance. It can make even a well-worn item of clothing look brand new.

  • Tip: Go the extra mile and use starch. Starch keeps your clothes crisp and smooth, but it also serves another purpose. It prevents stains and dirt from sticking to the fabric, so it prolongs its life.

No matter what the overall style that you wear, an outfit can be transformed with carefully selected accessories. Think about how Katherine Hepburn wore men’s clothing of suits and shirts traditionally but balanced the look with wisely chosen feminine accessories. Accessories are a way of introducing a subtle hint of luxe. Avoid statement jewelry. Instead add delicate, simple and minimal pieces.

  • Tip: For contemporary elegance, mix metals. Once it was considered garish to do so, but so long as the metals are evenly balanced (not too much of one color), it can look fabulous.

Looking elegant is about focusing on the overall appearance of an outfit, rather than specific statement pieces. While you can have fun with fashion, by choosing classic garments, you will find that you are able to wear them longer and more successfully. Elegance is about the finer details – paring colors, shapes, and accessories to create a timeless look.

[Girl photo by and jewelry photo by Celine Ruiz, both on Unsplash. Man photo by SJJP on Pixabay]