No matter if you’re heading to the beach or just slipping out for an evening on the town, you want your body to be smooth. A shaved chest feels nice. Besides, if you have a lot of hair, your shirt will pull at it.  

It’s not comfortable.

The issue is how much hair do you want to lose and how are you going to lose it? Trimming body hair is more complicated than running a razor up your chest.

Don’t worry, we can teach you how to trim body hair. Grab your shaving tools and follow along with this step by step guide.

Take a Shower 

Most men take a shower after the shaving process is done. This is a good way to knock all the little hairs off that are still stuck to your body. We’re here to tell you that you need to shower before and after the shaving process. 

Before you pick up your trimmer, hop into the rain room and take a hot shower. The water will open up your pores and clean the hair so, it’s easier to trim it away later. 

After you’re done trimming, you can get back in the shower to rinse the hair off. Make sure that you use a cooler water temp the second time, though. 

Decide on Your Look 

You don’t want to pick up your trimmer and go for it. Going in without knowing what kind of look you want can have disastrous results. You’ve got to think about proportions. 

Not all of your hair should be the same length. Your chest hair should be shorter than your armpit hair, for example. You also have to decide how much hair you want to leave on your body. 

Some men opt to leave at least a little bit of fuzz. Some men choose to do away with all of it. Once you’ve got your ideal look in mind, you can pick out a body hair trimmer that’s suitable for the job. 

Choose Your Weapon

There are tons of trimmers out there on the market. Some of them provide better results than others. Here are three male body hair trimmers that might suit your needs. 

Conair Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

The Conair Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer might be the best body hair trimmer on the market at the moment. The head pivots, which makes it suitable to shave pretty much every part of your body. Not only is it multifunctional, but it can provide a precise shave as well. 

The handle has an ergonomic design, so it’s not hard to use. It comes with a removable comb that acts as a guideline and helps keep your trim accurate. 

The only problem that you may run into is the trimmer’s battery life. You get about 45 minutes of trimming time before it has to be charged.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body 

The Phillips Norelco OneBlade is called that because you only need one blade. This is a hybrid tool that works as both a shaver and a trimmer. 

It’s good for those who have sensitive skin. Being gentle on the skin doesn’t mean that it lacks power, however. It’s plenty good enough to tackle any hair on the body. 

It has removable guards that you can take off if you want a close shave and leave on if you want to keep a little bit of hair on your chest. 

Manscaped the Lawn Mower 2.0 

No matter how thick and coarse your body hair is, this trimmer can handle it. If you tend to be accident-prone and nick yourself a lot, this is the device for you. 

It has a SkinSafe blade that can give you the close trim that you’re looking for while being safe to use on any area of your body. You’ll have to work hard to cut yourself. 

Begin the Trimming Process

Now that you’ve got the right tool in your hand, you can begin the trimming process. Again, don’t trim a straight line right up your chest. You’ve got to put a little thought into it. 

Start on a small section of your body and work your way around. You can use a large guard to get your body hair to the length that you want. 

If you need a closer shave after that, you can use a smaller guard. Keep in mind that you want the fade from long hair to short hair to look natural. 

Pick Up the Razor if Needed

If you want a completely clean look, you can go behind the trimming with a razor. Since your chest and other parts of your body don’t have the same dips and curves that your face has, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to get a smooth shave with any razor you’ve got on hand. 

The only problem with shaving is that it’s hard to make it look natural. Your hair also might grow back feeling a little rough. You’ll have to shave again soon if you want to keep your skin smooth. 


The shorter you shave your hair, the itchier your skin is going to be. Keep some kind of aftershave around that you can apply after you’re done trimming. Your skin will thank you. 

Depending on how hairy your body was, it might be a good idea to rock sunscreen for a bit. You no longer have a forest protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. Sunburn isn’t fun. 

How to Trim Body Hair and Get the Smoothest Look 

Everyone loves having smooth skin. The problem is, learning how to trim body hair to get that clean look that you’re going for. It’s not as easy as running a razor up your chest. It takes careful planning and the right tools. 

Use this guide to get started on your grooming adventure. If you need more advice on shaving and trimming, don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our blog.