As of 2018, the flip flop market was worth $17.8 billion globally. But why flip flops?

With their high durability and convenience, flip flops are essential for any vacation and everyday closet. The trick is how to wear flip flops in fashionable, comfortable, and stylish ways that match their convenience.

Here is our simple style guide to wearing flip flops correctly and fashionably.

Flip Flop Color Choices

Flip flops have come a long way from being simple, rubbery neon beach sandals. Today, you can find flip flops in a variety of materials, shapes, and colors. When styling your flip flops alongside your wardrobe, choose a flip flop pair that will definitively complement or stand out from your outfit.

Black top and blue jeans? Pick a simple blue flip flop to match your denim. Alternatively, try a classier black leather flip flop with a small heel.
Going for more of a streetwear style? Pair any neon flip flops with a black and white outfit.

Flip flops have found a new era. With classy heels featuring the iconic flip flop v-strap, it is now possible to match or complement any level of a formal outfit.

Flip Flop Materials

Have you only ever worn plastic flip flops between your toes? These may be ideal for pools or beaches. However, there are countless materials that could offer better usability or comfort today.

According to the Sneaker Factory, leather is the most common material used in shoes. Leather is popular in boot and sandal construction as the material is stretchable and impressionable. As you wear leather shoes, their shape alters slightly to match your feet. Consider grabbing a leather pair of flip flops for added comfort and durability.

Cloth and fabric flip flops are also options if you’re looking for added comfort and natural colors. Unlike plastic, cloth, and fabric flip flops can also be more forgiving in movement and offer more at-home customizability.

Wear Flip Flops in Comfort

No matter how you style your flip flops, wearing the incorrect brand or styles can result in foot pain. Simple, flat flip flops are still ideal for a day in the sand. But for a day full of walking or hiking, consider seeking a flip flop pair that has a bit of an inside arch.

Vendors like even offer memory foam flip flops for comfort and longevity. Similar to leather choices, memory foam will mold to fit your feet shape and unique arch height. This will lessen foot pain and enable you to more easily marry fashion with comfort.

Alternatively, consider heeled flip flops for simple yet elegant wear. Even luxury brands are offering flip flop styles that can make your evening wear perfect.

Simple Choices for Flip Flop Style

Wearing flip flops fashionably doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. Keep in mind color complements and matching materials and with comfort.

Ready to wear flip flops stylishly with every outfit? Match your wardrobe to your current pair of flip flops and explore more of our site for fashion tips today.

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