It’s the metro girl channeling their inner Marie Antoinette for Zang Toi Spring 2023. Opening with a floor length diaphanous white Swiss cotton organdy off shoulder dress with a black stretch crepe body slip underneath, it was old world elegance updated for the 21st century.

Zang Toi Spring 2023
Zang Toi Spring 2023

And this is quintessential Zang Toi who unapologetically mixes the old and the new. Like an alchemist, he comes up with something original – familiar yet new, classic yet novel!

“The Spring 2023 collection was inspired by the scene of a gorgeous young lady with a newly discovered appreciation for the beauty of haute couture. She borrows her grandmother’s grand ballroom in a chateau to host a black and white soirée for her gorgeous young friends,” wrote Zang in his press notes.

With an apt title of “Pretty Black & White Palette” the whole collection was for obvious reasons done in black and white. Zang who is a colorist at heart metaphorically added “color” to the collection with ruffles, buttons and embroidery. There were even butterflies in the mix, in black and white of course.

More couture than ready-to-wear, the whole collection is geared towards the MZ generation who are becoming very important to the fashion demographics. Zang who always has his finger on the pulse of his clientele now has become multi-generational when it comes to his fans.

From baby boomers to Gen X & Y and now MZ, the Zang Toi Spring 2023 collection bridges the generation gap, so now daughters can borrow from her mother and grandmother’s closets. And that is the crux of this collection, timeless silhouettes in modern guise.

As a last note, Zang dedicated the collection to his dear and glamourous friend Ivana Trump who was an avid supporter of the House of Toi since its founding.