Logan Samuelson
Lincoln, NE

The way my mother dressed when I was young was the premise of the collection and influences everything I design. She rides a Harley–‐Davidson, she’s a farmer, and she has always been very athletic. Her biker gear and Nike ensembles mixed with Chopard studs and watches have made her my muse, and I think modern women want to feel powerful, fearless, and beautiful just like her.

Internships: Calvin Klein Collection, Erin Fetherston, Ali Ro, New York & Co.
Designer of the Year Candidate

Christine Hamer
Coral Springs, FL

I wanted to captivate a wanderlust girl who has an undone and effortless appeal with a casual and relaxed attitude. The flowing silhouettes are refined with a mix of textiles, and staining treatments to mimic the impression of wet and sun-bleached clothes.

Internships: Proenza Schouler, Gap

Amy Layton
Newport Beach, CA

When I started this whole process, I reflected back on my childhood and where I grew up, and living in southern California all my life, I have always had a love for the surf and skate culture and this attitude of relaxed rebellion that these boys exuded. So I wanted to start this collection by kind of living vicariously through these boys who I always wished I could be, by taking men’s clothing like worn out denim jeans, wetsuits, board shorts, surf ponchos and sweatshirt hoodies, and draping and deconstructing them and ultimately started creating these feminine pieces that still had the attitude and ease that these surfers and skaters exude.

Internships: The Row

Parsons Presents 2012 Graduation Collection