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Sterling Silver Chain vs. Gold Chain: Which Is Better? - FashionWindows

Adding a gold or sterling silver chain to your wardrobe is an understated way to add some class to your outfits. It’s a basic piece of jewelry, but chains come in a wide range of styles. They include but aren’t limited to the common box, cable, and wheat varieties.

There’s a chain for every person: They work well with all kinds of outfits and for a wide range of occasions.

Chains for men tend to be thicker and blockier, while chains for women are often finer with smaller links. That said, both basic options and all of their varieties look snazzy on people of all genders. 

Labeling silver as better than gold or vice versa is a matter of personal preference, but it’ll take some time for you to decide. Without more information about each option, it’s hard to choose between the two great-looking metals. Take a look at this basic guide to sterling silver and gold chains to decide which option is best for you.

Sterling Silver Chain Cost Vs. Gold Chain Cost

As far as bling goes, chains are among the most economical kinds. Whether you go with silver or gold, you’ll find that a plain chain costs less than more ornate necklaces made from the same metal. Different chain types cost more than others, and longer and thicker chains are more expensive than thinner and shorter chains of the same material.

In general, gold costs more than sterling silver. However, the price difference may not be as significant as you think.

Folks often think of silver as second-best to gold, making the layperson think it’s less valuable. It’s cheaper in some cases, but a lot of the price difference depends on the gold’s quality.

Gold is rated on the karat scale, with 24 karat gold being the purest and most expensive variant. Lower karat ratings refer to less pure gold.

Sterling silver is a mix of silver and other metals, often copper. It costs less than pure—or “fine”—silver and is more durable, making it the most common kind of silver in jewelry.

Lower-quality gold should satisfy your needs if you’re buying a gold chain for looks, not for bragging rights or as an investment. You could also pick a gold-plated chain. A gold coating over a chain made from sterling silver or another metal is much more affordable than a pure gold chain.

When comparing sterling silver to high-karat gold, the latter costs much more. The prices of basic gold and plated chains, though, come a lot closer to sterling silver.

Picking a Place to Buy Chains

Choosing where to buy your chain is another major factor when it comes to price. Some retailers sell more sterling silver pieces than gold because stocking gold is pricey.

If you’re looking to buy a lot of jewelry to sell or to grow a massive collection, your best bet is wholesale jewelry stores like Wholesale Sparkle. Buying many chains at once or in combination with other jewelry pieces lets you get a lower price on each item.

Most people searching for chains want only one and go to typical retailers. Your biggest consideration, in that case, is going to a brick-and-mortar shop or searching online. There are some benefits and drawbacks to both kinds of jewelry stores.

Brick-and-mortar stores often give you the option to try on chains and you can get jewelers’ opinions. Still, don’t forget the high cost of things like rent, utilities, and security systems. These factors make buying chains from physical stores more expensive.

Online jewelry stores are convenient places to buy chains and many charge less. Most retailers, though, don’t give you a chance to try pieces on and return them without paying a fee. Buying online is also more of a gamble in terms of metal quality than buying from a trusted in-person retailer.

Matching Silver and Gold Chains With Outfits

Another thing to consider when buying a chain is what you hope to wear with it. The beauty of a chain is how simple the jewelry is, so you can make both metals look nice with most outfits.

However, silver is a little more neutral in tone than gold. You might pick it if you want one piece of jewelry rather than buying several for various occasions. It’s easier to match with different colors and is subtler than gold.

When it comes to matching chains with outfits, smaller chains tend to be more professional. Long, thick chains make a statement with edgy street clothes and party dresses. 

You should also know your environment before picking a chain to wear.

Some jobs see men wearing chains as unprofessional, no matter how subtle and classy they may be. A thick, lengthy, swinging chain paired with fancy clothes won’t go over well at most formal events. On the other hand, that combination looks great at some professional music and artistic gatherings.

Taking Care of Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gold Jewelry

It’s easy to become attached to something and buy it before thinking about how you’ll take care of it. We make this mistake with cars, dogs, and even when it comes to maintaining relationships. Jewelry is no different, and there are some major differences between taking care of sterling silver and gold.

Gold is one of the softest metals that we encounter in our daily lives. That fact gives many the impression that it needs more care than sterling silver does, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Silver is also a soft metal that’s prone to scratching, though sterling silver is a harder variety. The biggest concern about sterling silver is tarnishing, a term for how silver turns black over time.

High temperatures and moisture speed up the tarnishing process, so keep your silver chain in a cool, dry place. Silver tarnishes no matter what you do, so you might wonder why we use it at all. The good news is that wiping it down with silver polish disappears tarnish in no time.

Gold jewelry doesn’t take as much upkeep, though it can also scratch if you’re not careful. You don’t have to worry as much about heat and moisture, and gold doesn’t tarnish. If it becomes dull, you can polish it or take it to a jeweler to shine it for you.

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This guide comparing sterling silver to gold will help you decide whether you want a sterling silver chain or one made of gold. Whatever you choose is sure to become a beloved part of your wardrobe.

If you want to learn how to dress and accessorize to best match your new bling, you’re in the right place. Click on another article and open your eyes to the newest, hottest fashion tips and tricks.