Did you know that the world’s oldest surviving working clock is located in Wiltshire, UK? It’s a faceless clock that dates back to 1386!

Now, when you want to have a timeless piece, this probably isn’t what you had in mind. Instead, you’re looking at wearing a watch so you can accessorize and have a piece that complements your outfits.

If so, then read on to find out the different types of watches for men you can choose!

Field Watch

This type of analog watch is sturdy and good for everyday use. They were popularly used in both World Wars, which is proof of how dependable field watches are.

The case has non-glare crystal and high contrast numbering, as well as a strap made of leather, canvas, cloth, or nylon. The design is simple so that you can easily tell the time when you glance down.

Dress Watch

Do you need a watch for formal occasions? Then you’ll want to get a dress watch. This is an analog watch as well.

Dress watches are typically light and thin. They’ll have a silver case and leather strap. The dial is free of designs and is simple, yet elegant.

This is the perfect watch for you if you like an easy, no-fuss style.

Pocket Watch

If you want to really be dapper, then opt for a pocket watch. The pocket watch is elegant and luxurious, and you’ll get to see its intricate watch movements whenever you pull it out to check the time.

These watches usually have a metal case made of nickel, plated brass, sterling silver, coin silver, or gold. There’s a hinged cover that protects the watch whenever it’s in your pocket and the front can have beautiful etchings or be plain. In addition, the watch will be attached to a chain strap that you can secure to your vest or waistcoat.

Digital Watch

This option’s for those who prefer a more modern and contemporary watch, especially since all the previous styles are analog. A digital watch will have the time displayed in digits with a backlight LED illumination for better readability.

Also, a digital watch can either be casual or formal. This will be determined by its case and band, which are made of metal. However, more casual watches will have rubber bands.


This is the ultimate in technology, as smartwatches are basically compact computers. These have LCD/LED displays and have Bluetooth connectivity so you can hook them up to your smartphone or computer.

Inside, there’s a lithium-ion battery and the smartwatch is securely attached to your wrist with a rubber band.

The smartwatch is perfect for men who are always on the go, as you’ll be able to read texts, emails, and more with this type of watch.

Try Out These Types of Watches for Men

After learning about all the different types of watches for men, aren’t you excited about styling a watch to go with your dapper outfits? There are so many kinds of watches that there’s bound to be something that’s just perfect for you. So get shopping!

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