Do acne medications just not do the trick? Are you looking to up your self-care game?

It’s time you invested in a weekly facial. The benefits of facials are countless, but the highlight is, of course, clearer skin.

Let that natural glow shine through. And get some other stellar benefits as well!

Besides having some well deserved your time, the benefits of facials stretch beyond just relaxing.

Reduce Stress

There’s no bigger culprit to breakouts than stress (and maybe the few donuts from yesterday!) Stress and skin are so intertwined that we can almost guarantee that if you’re prone to breakouts, you’ll notice more during times of chaos.

If you’re stressed out, taking time to relax for a weekly facial may be perfect to set time aside for yourself. If you’re stressed out over your skin, it is a 2-for-1 deal, because your skin will clear up over time with the weekly facials!

Fresh Looking Skin

Taking an investment like weekly facials in your skincare routine will have your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Skin will look and feel fresh, softer, and like you just walked out of the spa (because you did)!

Treat Acne

Regular facials remove debris, dirt, and oil from the skin. Add a facial into your weekly mix to have a scheduled

Make sure you find the right facial for your skin type. If you have rougher skin you may prefer ones that won’t dry you out.


Facials can’t reverse time, but they sure can slow time down for your skin. One of the best benefits of a weekly facial routine is preventing signs of aging on your face.

There are a few ways facials accomplish this.

Facials increase circulation to your skin, relieve tension, and make your skin look tighter and fresher. It also allows other treatments to be better absorbed into your skin, so your face will take it better.

Why a Weekly Facial?

First off, there is no reason NOT to get a facial every week!

But we can think of a few… stress, acne, rejuvenation, and unclogging those pores. Plus, having a weekly skin regiment can help you relax and take some “me time.”

Having a set time to look over your skin, or have a professional do it, is good to check for any health issues, like potential cancerous growths or moles.

Are weekly facials not doing the trick with your breakouts? It may be time for medication for severe acne.

Can’t Afford a Weekly Spa Trip? You Can Still Get The Benefits of Facials At Home

You are certainly not alone. There is no shame in doing your weekly facial at home!

If you can get to the spa, don’t forget the pedicure! And while you’re getting those feet pampered, read up on Fashion Windows for your latest stylish tricks and trends.

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