LONDON, May 17, 2012/ — With each new season comes fresh new looks, with this summer set to sizzle with a gorgeous range of hot trends spicing up the fashion-sphere. But, with so many styles making their way onto the highstreet and online stores, it can be a challenge deciding which ones should make it into your shopping basket. Take a look at these latest trends to emerge for the summer and choose which will be your signature style this season.

In the jeans

Bid farewell to boring blue denim and say a big wardrobe welcome to this season’s penchant for coloured jeans. From subtle sorbet shades to an eye-popping palette of bold hues, coloured jeans are an easy breezy way to bring your summer clothes collection bang up to date. So, don’t shy away from the array of rainbow-coloured jeans, wear them loud and proud and embrace this season’s brightest trend.

Totally tropical

Don’t be fooled into thinking that sunset shades, palm tree prints and huge tropical flowers are for middle aged men on golfing holidays; this summer it’s all about island life and putting a feminine edge on the tropical trend. Bold, brash and completely kitsch, the fashion world is saying a big ‘aloha’ to hothouse florals and we don’t want you to miss out on the fun. Whether it’s on a cute crop top or adorning a flowing maxi dress, you’ll feel like a walking piece of art with this grand trend.

The Midas Touch

Getting set for a new season of style isn’t just about putting together daytime looks. One of our favourite things about summer is the longer days and warmer nights, perfect for getting glammed up and hitting the town and it doesn’t get more glamorous than this season’s hottest look. Taking metallics to the max, the gold trend has sparked a nostalgic wave of lamé bodycon, shimmering maxi dresses, and chunk retro jewellery, all offset with jet-black accessories and dark make up.

Chelsea girls

Ever since they first set a fashionable foot on our screens a year ago, the girls of Made in Chelsea have been a permanent style crush. Whilst ladies up and down the country pine after their coveted designer wardrobes, they’re busy gallivanting around London in some of the best trends to emerge this year. We may not have their bank balance, but with a sharp eye for much cheaper but similar styles and a little fashion savvy and you’re sure to fit in on trendy King’s Road.