A baby’s backside can be bald. A person’s head cannot. 

By the age of fifty, 85 percent of men have thinning hair. Many people regard balding as an age-related problem, and that is true. But two-thirds of American men have a degree of hair loss before they turn thirty-five. 

Early balding is a problem that few people recognize. Signs pass unnoticed, and people fail to stop their hair loss. 

Educate yourself so you can save your hair. Here is a quick guide to the early signs of balding. 

Signs of Early Balding

The most common sign of early balding is gradual thinning. The hairline recedes back toward the top of the head. Some women thin from the top downward, with the part in their hair getting broader with time. 

Other people lose their hair in spots. Hair falls out in clumps from the scalp or back of the head. Skin becomes itchy and painful as it is exposed to the air. 

Handfuls of hair can fall out during a shower or combing session. Patches of scaling and redness appear where the hair has fallen. The skin may ooze or swell with pus. 

Potential Causes

There are a few different causes for early balding. A couple of different things may work in combination with each other to cause your hair to fall out. If you want to stop your balding, you will need to address all causes. 

Family history is the most common cause of balding. Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic condition that leads to baldness in men and women. If your parent had balding or alopecia, you will likely become bald as well. 

Hair loss is a common side effect of many prescription drugs. Most cancer and arthritis medications lead to baldness. Consult with your doctor on your prescription plan if you think your pills cause hair loss. 

Sudden or stressful events can trigger hair loss. But the effects of stress are temporary and lead to partial baldness. If you have full baldness, something else is causing it. 

How to Stop Balding

When combing or washing your hair, be gentle. Do not scrub your head, but use gentle and straight strokes to clean your hair. This will keep your hair from falling off your head. 

There are several over-the-counter medications that prevent hair loss. Rogaine is the most popular one, but you can also take Aldactone if you are a woman. 

A custom hair system creates a mold of your head and crafts a realistic hairpiece. You can wear a wig, but a custom system ensures that your hairpiece fits onto your skull. Try out several hairpieces before picking the best one. 

Get Your Balding Hair Solutions

Early balding can be devastating. But thankfully, you can recognize and prevent it. 

If your hairline is receding, you are balding. You can also suffer from your hair falling out in clumps and your skin growing red. 

You are likely inheriting genes from your parents that cause baldness. You may be taking prescription medication that causes your hair to fall out. Be careful when cleaning your hair, and take medications that prevent hair loss. 

Your health and your fashion are in your hands. The only way you can take control of them is to get yourself educated. Follow our coverage for essential health and beauty guides.