fashion trends2Petite women are so cute and have great bodies, but they may have quite a bit of trouble finding the clothing and fashion trends that work for their small frames. While there are plenty of options for tall women, there seem to be limited options when it comes to petite women who have short torsos and short legs.

Thankfully, though, there are certain fashion trends that work perfectly on small women, and some of them are listed below, so check them out if you are a petite woman who wants to always look her best. Then forget about being jealous of the taller women around you and embrace your short stature while showing off its best features!

Monochromatic Styles

Monochromatic styles are best for petite ladies who want to appear taller and longer. This is certainly not meant to imply that you can’t wear any colorful clothing, patterns, etc. if you are petite, as you can certainly do that. But if you stick to monochrome styles for certain occasions, you can make yourself look taller than you are.

Whether you are headed off to work or out for a fun night with friends, choosing one color that you can wear from head to toe is a great way to make you look lean and longer than you really are. You can choose any color that you like, whether dark or light, and you can add pops of color with accessories, such as a purse or a pair of great high heel shoes.

A Drop Waist Dress

Clothing that has a drop waist is a great way to look taller too, especially if you have a short torso. These outfits will help you look slimmer and make it appear as though your legs are longer than they really are.

How does it work? A drop waist basically detracts attention away from your waist so you have a long line of sight. A drop waist dress will have a waist hem that sits just above the hips, and it will land around the middle of your thighs. Overall, it is a really fun outfit that works best when you use one solid color, as well as a small belt or jacket.

A Long and Lean Pantsuit

Pantsuits are professional and clean looking, and they work well on women of all sizes. They are perfect for the workplace, but they can also be worn for certain special occasions, such as professional lunches and dinners.

A pantsuit can make you appear long and lean when you are headed off to work. The best way to make this outfit work is by opting for a blazer that will land at your hip. You also want a pair of pants that will be fitted on the top but will widen just below the knee.


When it comes to jeans for petite bodies, you have a few options, including skinny jeans and low-rise styles. Just consider the inseam, size, rise, and fabric to make sure you find a pair that fits your particular frame best. For example, skinny jeans are a good option for thin ladies, but if you are plus size, a better style option would be a straight cut that also boasts slim fit technology. Do not worry, with so many jean brands and styles out there, you will find a pair you love.

High Heels and Wedges

When it comes to shoes, flats will only make you feel short, and this can be frustrating. While you can certainly don a pair of comfortable flats, flat sandals, or sneakers whenever you want, if you want to appear taller and leaner, you should opt for high heels. And if you do not like to wear stiletto heels because they are too thin and they are difficult to balance on, you can opt instead for a pair of high wedges. How high the heel is, though, is entirely up to you and how much extra height you want. Ultimately, however, you want to be entirely comfortable, and you do not want to risk injuring yourself on heels that are so high you can’t properly walk in them.

When shopping for women’s clothing that will look great on your petite frame, keep the above tips in mind, but make sure that you like the way you look and feel in an outfit before you purchase it. This is the best way to ensure you will look confident and feel comfortable in your own skin, regardless of your size.

Photos courtesy of Paule Ka