If you want to develop a bigger, rounder butt, you may have already tried several different options. Maybe you’ve spent time working out and completing focused exercises. Maybe you have spent money on pills or cosmetic creams, hoping to get fast results. Many of those exercise programs, pills, and creams promise that you’ll see results – sometimes in as little as a couple of days. The truth is that none of these methods can give you the butt you want in less than a couple of weeks. (Pills and creams should be used along with a good exercise program.) Sometimes it will take months before you are completely satisfied.

There is another option though. The butt lifter is a garment that will give you immediate results when you just can’t wait for the long-term pay off. These garments may come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

How They Work

Butt lifter garments are made from special fabrics that compress and support the area around the buttocks. The fabrics typically chosen for this type of garment are breathable to prevent chafing and overheating. Plus, many have the added benefit of slimming and shaping the waist, hips, stomach, or thighs. Some of these undergarments have longer lengths in order to provide additional support.

Three Popular Butt Lifter Styles

  • One popular form of these garments has openings placed strategically to let the butt pop up while supporting the position of the buttocks.
  •  Another form of the garment provides the same general support, but instead of using supportive openings, the fabric is used to provide a bigger, rounded, lifted bottom. This may be a more comfortable option for some wearers.
  •  The third option provides additional padding to add a bit of ‘oomph’ when you really want more than you already have. These padded panties are available in stylish options for those times when you are concerned about keeping extra material to a minimum.

As you consider the various butt lifter undergarment options, look for those that have comfortable bands to hold the garments in place. You should also search for those garments that come at a competitive price.

What Are the Options?

Once you have determined the shape of your butt lifting garment, you have a few more decisions to make. Do you want the garments in black or white or beige? Some styles may come in pastels or jewel tones. Do you prefer silky or lacy undergarments? Are you interested in an undergarment that provides tummy and thigh control as well as shaping? Look for undergarments in the form of:

  • Panties
  • Boy shorts
  • Briefs
  • Short-shorts
  • And more

Ordering the Right Size

Before you make your order, you’ll want to take a few measurements. It may be helpful to have your weight handy. Measure your hips and your waistline. Some styles may require a bust measurement as well.

These garments may not be as satisfactory as working out to get the real deal, but while you are working on your fabulous shape, butt lifter garments can be a nice alternative. When you want to take control of your silhouette; turn to butt lifter undergarments for fast results.