health gothYou may have heard the term health goth pop up on social media platforms, and maybe even in casual conversation. At this point, you think you probably should know what it means but have no idea. You can’t even begin to use context clues to try and figure it out. No worries, if you’re in that boat. Most people are. In case you were wondering, health goth is definitely a thing. Some are referring to it as a trend, others a movement. No matter how you see it, if you need to brush up on Health Goth 101 just to be a little more in the know, here’s a breakdown:

Health Goth (noun): A term used to describe a fashion trend, lifestyle, or subculture that fuses gothic elements and monochromatic athletic apparel. There’s a lot of black involved. Those who follow the trend are comfortable, look like they’re ready to hit the gym, and may or may not be sporting a choker or an English punk rock band tee.

Although it’s not easy to single out the style points, there are a few ways to identify the style, as far as dressing the part is concerned. There are beliefs and theories associated with this movement, but to focus on fashion, health goth can be highlighted in a few ways. If you’re not sure where to start looking, think brands like UNIF.

  • Black is the focus. Head-to-toe black outfits make up most of the look.
  • You may see white and metallic silver in the mix.
  • Outfits tend to look futuristic. There is often a science fiction feel to the whole look. For your reference, think brands along the lines of UNIF.
  • Sneakers are essential. Comfortable kicks like a pair of Nikes or Adidas sneakers are usually the preferred footwear for those that follow the Health Goth trend.
  • You may see a lot of mesh and sheer panels that show some skin.
  • Gothic and punk accessories are always welcome.

Those that talk the talk are also expected to walk the walk. The idea is to not only dress the part, but to actually keep up a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising and eating clean while unapologetically maintaining an alternative look that doesn’t blend with typical gym-goers. Now that you know what it looks like, will you join the movement?