Do you have body jewelry and find that you’re experiencing skin reactions–even if you know you aren’t allergic to nickel? The threads on your body jewelry may be causing irritation.

For this reason, many professional piercers are moving to threadless jewelry. If you haven’t heard of this type of jewelry before, you may find that it can improve your experience with your body piercings.  

Read on for our quick introduction to threadless jewelry and see if it’s the right fit for you! 

What is Threadless Body Jewelry? 

If you have any kind of body jewelry, you probably have the kind with external threads. It’s the cheapest to make and the most common on the market.

You’ll know that you have externally threaded jewelry if you notice ridged markings on the outside of your jewelry. Those are the threads that allow you to screw together one part of the jewelry to the other.

Threadless jewelry, on the other hand, has threads on the inside.

What Are the Benefits of Threadless Jewelry?

Now that you know the difference between external and threadless jewelry, there are a few benefits that you’ll enjoy right away. Here are just a few: 

Better Material

If you do have a nickel allergy, you’ll find that the majority of jewelry with external threads can still cause an allergic reaction. This is because they’re often made of 316L steel that’s also known as surgical steel. However, this kind of steel still contains face amounts of nickel.

You’ll still want to pay attention to the material of threadless jewelry and make sure they’re made of ASTM-grade materials.

Less Tissue Damage

Even if you don’t have a nickel allergy, the threads on your body jewelry could be irritating your skin. Since threadless jewelry is completely smooth, it’s far less likely to cause irritation when inserted. Because its surface is smoother without threads, this kind of jewelry is far less likely to harbor harmful bacteria. 

More Secure

Lastly, this kind of jewelry is far less likely to come apart compared to jewelry with external threads. Even better, they’re also not gauge specific.

Regardless if you have 18g or 14g threadless barbells, they’ll be able to fit into any threadless attachment. You can easily mix and match your jewelry without worrying about if they’re securely attached.

From threadless nose jewelry to naval jewelry, you can find threadless jewelry online at  

Upgrade to Threadless Jewelry Today

Threadless jewelry is a great investment if you find that your skin is continually getting irritated by your body jewelry with exterior threads. Regardless of the kind of jewelry you purchase, make sure you choose pieces that are nickel-free in order to avoid allergic reactions.

If you know you don’t have an allergy, the threads on your current jewelry could be the cause of your continual reactions.

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