The versatility of glass jars makes them ideal for creating various projects. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so they can be used in a lot of ways around your garden as well as your home. Glass jars have been a part of a crafter’s toolkit from handicrafts to DIY projects but make sure that you acquire your jars from a reliable glass jars manufacturer.

If you love recycling old glass containers and turning them into unique ideas, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to give you 10 glass jar ideas you can follow to bring out the artist in you.

#1 Bird Feeder

You can build a practical bird feeder for your feathered friends in your backyard by using a small chicken feeder and attaching it to a jar. Just screw the bird feeder on the jar. You can fill the jar with any birdseed of your choice. If you are going to hang the bird feeder on a tree, make a hanger using knotted twine. If you don’t have birds, this still makes an elegant decoration outdoors. Here is a simple guide you can follow on how to make a mason jar bird feeder.

#2 Room Freshener

Get rid of chemical sprays and create a natural freshener on your own using herbs and fruits freshly-picked from your garden. Boil the herbs and fruits and then add water and vanilla extract. Let the mixture simmer. Once the mixture has cooled down, store it in a sealed glass jar. You can experiment with various ingredients to create your ideal room freshener mixture.

#3 Oil Lamp

Create stylish oil lamps for outdoor entertainment using glass jars. They are easy to build and look lovely when lit. Just fill a capped jar with lamp oil and then create a hole on the lid where you will insert the wick. Secure the lid and let the lamp rest for about an hour to allow the wick to absorb the lamp oil before you light it.

#4Word Jars

You can use empty jars to make customized containers for holiday celebrations or as gifts for your friends. Draw any symbol or write a message using puffy paint on the jar. Let the paint dry completely. Cover your design and the jar’s outside part with spray paint. You will have to do at least 4 coats to make sure that the bottle is fully covered. You can add festive decorations like flowers to your jar once the paint has dried.

#5 Emergency Candles

Glass jars are also useful additions to your emergency kit. You just need candle wicks and soy wax which you can buy at craft stores. First, you need to place the wicks inside the jars and melt the wax on a pot. Once the wax has melted completely, pour it into the jar. Make sure to center the wick first before filling the jar with the melted wax. Allow the wax to cool down and store the candle afterward.

#6 Fabric-Wrapped Jars

Prepare your desired fabric, a glass jar, scissors, and craft glue. Cut strips from the fabric in your preferred width. Dip the fabric strips in glue, making sure that both of their sides are covered. Place the strips on the glass jar until it is completely covered. Trim extra pieces once the fabric-wrapped jar has dried. You can also place flameless lights inside your jars to highlight the fabric.

#7 Garden Lanterns

Any jar size will work for creating your very own garden lanterns. In addition to the jars, you will need scissors, some twine, and knotting skills. Form a hanging pattern using the twine but make sure that your glass jar will fit in it. If you do not know how to knot, you can follow this easy DIY mason jar light using wire hangers. Once you have secured the jar, insert a candle inside, and then hang it on your porch or on tree branches.

#8 Twine-Wrapped Jars

Twine has been a favorite in creating various craft projects. Create decorative jars using twines in a few minutes for holding flowers or pens. Simply use craft glue that is strong enough for glass surfaces. Cover the jars with glue and wrap the twine around each jar starting from the top part. Once done, cut excess twine from the jar’s bottom. Make more twine-wrapped jars in different heights to create an impressive centerpiece.

#9 Twig Vases

Make simple twig vases for your dining room table using sticks or twigs from your backyard. Cut the twigs into lengths longer than your jar. We recommend using pruning shears to trim the twigs. Glue the twigs to your jar using a glue gun. Wait for the glue to dry completely before putting your favorite flowers in it.

#10 Tea Light Holders

Add a little romance to your parties by using empty jars to make holders for your tea lights. You just need to fill the jars with dried beans, peas, or corn kernels depending on your party theme or color scheme. You can mix different bean colors to make your decoration more festive. After filling the jars with beans, you can now put the tea lights inside.


Creating your own stunning craft projects is a wonderful idea to help you save on decoration costs. Plus, you are helping save the environment, especially if you use old glass jars for your crafts. Hopefully, our list was able to help you find a glass jar project that is suitable for your taste. Have fun in creating your own decorations!

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