memorial dayTired of having the same old barbecue for Memorial Day? Take a road that is less traveled and have a themed party. Here are 10 ideas that will make your friends think you’re the coolest pal to have.

1. Chanel
This will be a sure hit to your fashionista friends. That double C logo is recognizable everywhere! And because Chanel’s signature colors are black and white, it is easy to gather plates, cutlery and party accessories in that color. Best of all, the ladies would love it because they can show off their Chanel items from clothes to shoes and handbags.

2. Tiffany’s
It was 1961 when “Breakfast at Tifanny’s” was released yet it continues to be a favorite even among the Millennials. Let the ladies channel their inner Audrey Hepburn in her Hubert de Givenchy famous Little Black Dress. And the men can channel George Peppard’s elegant looks when wearing a suit or a leather jacket.

3. China
Take a cue from Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art whose theme this year is “China: Through The Looking Glass” by embracing the Far East for one night. Of course, you can’t expect Rihanna to walk in furry, yellow, robe-like ensemble by Guo Pei which took the Chinese designer two years to create.

Your guests do not have to commission Guo Pei or a designer for a dress. They can always go to Smiffys fancy dress costumes to find something to wear to any themed party.

4. The Wild West
Cowboys, cowgirls and barbecue lovers, this is your time to shine. Take that 10-gallon hat out of storage, wear your cowboy boots and be ready to two-step. The Wild West theme is very easy to pull together both for the host and the guests.

5. Disney’s Frozen
A favorite among young girls and tweens, “Frozen” princesses Anna and Elsa actually outsold Barbie last Christmas. Give your little girl something to look forward during Memorial Day weekend with a “Frozen” theme party of her own.

6. Pink
Elle Woods is not alone when it comes to pink as a favorite colors. A pink themed party will bring out the inner girl in females from four to 40.

7. Hello Kitty
Sanrio’s Hello Kitty celebrated its 40th anniversary last year making it a multi-generational favorite. The young girls in 1974 who made Hello Kitty a worldwide favorite are now mothers and aunts. A mother/daughter party with a Hello Kitty theme will make summer memorable for both of them.

8. Superheroes
Now, let’s hear it from the boys! With the Avengers: Age of Ultron, now in theaters, superheroes are in the mind of boys and men. A “Superheroes” theme party can be a good male bonding time for fathers and sons, brothers and nephews.

9. Video Games
From San Diego to Dallas to New York, Comic-Con is being celebrated in the country during summer time. A video game theme party where guests can dress up in their favorite fantasy character will bring out the inner geek in everyone.

10. Safari
Support your local zoo by holding a Safari party wherein guests make a donation for the upkeep of their favorite animal instead of bringing gifts. Costumes are optional.