Did you know major diamond retailers in both the US and China have reported a 13% increase in online diamond sales this year?
There’s nothing to be said about why diamonds make the perfect gift except to behold their absolute beauty.

Are you thinking of buying an engagement right for someone special? Or perhaps a beautiful diamond necklace just for yourself?

Keep these things in mind before you choose a diamond.

How to Choose a Diamond

Before you start the process of buying a diamond, you’re going to need a good idea of what you’re looking for. Diamonds come in many shapes and forms, you can choose between heart-shaped diamonds, princess-cut diamonds, and many others.

Take some time to think about the shape you want, and what type of jewelry it will be adorned with, and this can affect your choice.

Now, let’s dive into the 4 most important things to keep in mind when choosing a diamond.

1. Consider Price Carefully

When buying a diamond, many people are often surprised by just how much these beauties cost.

Do some research into what you can expect to pay for a decent diamond so that you’re not caught off-guard.

Diamonds are usually priced by carat weight, so set yourself a budget and stick to it as best you can.

2. Think About Cut Quality

Diamonds are cut in different ways, and the quality of the cutting is usually with a grading report from a reputable laboratory.

A very well-cut diamond will make clarity and color imperfections must less noticeable, so pay attention to this when considering your diamond purchase.

Keep your standard for cut high when deciding on the perfect diamond, this will ultimately determine that you are getting your value’s worth.

3. Appearance Doesn’t Matter as Much as Carats

Carats are largely what influence the price of a diamond, more so than what the diamond actually looks like.

Diamond prices go up exponentially as carat weight increases.

The size of your diamond does not affect the price as much as the carat weight, so discuss this with your jeweler in detail.

4. Prioritize Appearance Yourself

Now, with carat, cut, weight, and many other factors influencing your decision, for most first-time buyers it is simply the way that the diamond looks.

Before you make any purchases, make sure that you can see the diamond in the flesh and potentially see how it may look in the ring or other piece of jewelry you’re selecting. A diamond on its own may not fit as well with the style of ring you’re hoping for.

Having a budget, and then simply going with price is a great way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Also, caring for your diamond is worth a special mention, ensure that you talk this over with a professional.

Beauty With Diamonds

Now you know what to look for in order to choose a diamond, we’d like to say one more thing:

Be mindful of where you shop, make sure that the store has reputable reviews and a good reputation. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a diamond that isn’t what it is supposed to be.

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