tips for buying clothes onlineClothes and footwear are the most popular items purchased online. Nearly three in five people make online purchases when they want new apparel or accessories. We appreciate the convenience of shopping when and where we want, wearing whatever we want. However, online shopping doesn’t allow people to touch and try on the products, which can make shopping for clothes online a nervous experience for many consumers. Keep the following tips in mind for a better experience buying clothes online.

Check the Size Chart

Since online shoppers can’t try on their clothes before checking out, they’ve long been concerned about buying the wrong size. These fears have only intensified with the rise of vanity sizing. However, choosing the right size is as simple as checking a size chart.

Many apparel outlets publish size charts displaying a range of measurements for common items in their range. For example, a men’s shirt size chart usually displays the shirt and sleeve length, neck circumference, and chest length. Taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart will help you choose the best fitting garment every time.

Note the Material

Even a well-fitting piece of clothing can be let down by the wrong material. Thankfully, many credible fashion retailers list the fabric content of their clothes. Cotton clothes are dependably soft and durable while anything with elastic fabric has a little stretch. If you’re not familiar with a particular fabric, do some online research. Research how the fabric feels, whether it breathes, and whether it requires any special care.

Read Product Reviews

If you’re not already part of the 91% of consumers reading product reviews before purchasing products online, it’s time to start. Since product reviews are written by real shoppers, they can give you a better idea of a garment’s fit, feel, and quality than product descriptions can. If many shoppers love a particular clothing item, chances are you will, too. Remember that sometimes disgruntled shoppers simply want to vent. The odd negative review shouldn’t be cause for alarm. If you start to notice a negative trend, though, you may want to consider a different piece.

Shop With Reputable Brands

We’ve all seen websites with online shopping disasters that don’t look like the product pictures. While these pages are funny, they also highlight the danger of shopping from untested online sites. Choosing reputable brands helps you shop for clothes online with confidence.

These leading brands create quality garments and have secure websites that keep your financial details safe. They also deliver great customer service if you’re unhappy with your purchases.

Online outlets for well-known brands are a great start, but many reputable online-exclusive apparel brands exist. If you’re not sure about a particular site, check consumer review sites such as Trustpilot.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, don’t worry. As long as you’ve bought from a reputable brand, you can return or exchange your clothes for pieces more suitable to you. Remember to check the online returns policy so that you know how long you’ll have to send back any unwanted items. With a little practice and the above tips to guide you, you’ll find that you can easily shop for clothes online with confidence.

[Image via Flickr by kdiwavvou]