4 Ways To Complete Your Look Fashion is about letting your clothes and your style do the talking. Your taste should communicate what you’re about, and give a little nod to your personality. So, make sure that your closet contents are working for you at all times by following the handy tips laid out over the course of this guide.

You know when you look good, because you feel good, and doing so requires an informed knack and some know-how acquired from trying new styles out and finding out what works for you, and what doesn’t.

A Classic Coat

Every closet needs a classic coat to round off a stylish ensemble. Your coat will be seen by all those you pass on a day-to-day basis, and it should suit you, flatter you, and make you feel confident. Classic coats have long stood the test of time, and continue to feature on catwalks, on the high-street, and the front covers of numerous critically acclaimed glossy fashion mags. If you don’t yet own a classic coat, then here’s your chance to get to grips with the most infamous look and timeless cuts.

Peacoats look smart, dapper, and sophisticated whatever the weather, as do trench coats. Trench London can help to put a spring in your step this coming autumn and winter with their classic design of this debonair garment that will be sure to have you turning heads and radiating voguishly good style.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Your make-up and hair-styling can help to bring your look together and put the finishing touches to your overall look. Complete your look with a bold lip if you’re concerned you don’t have enough of a statement going on. Accentuate your favorite features by drawing attention to them with the help of make-up. Get your eyes popping by lining the eye with brown eyeliner and mascara and shape your eyebrows so that they’re able to frame your face.

Exude Confidence

Walk like you mean it; you’ve got this! Ooze style and sophistication by knowing that you look knock-out in your clothes. All you need to complete your look is to hold your head high and feel happy about what you’re wearing and how you’re presenting yourself.
For a boost before you leave the house, be sure to take a selfie to capture your best angle!

All in The Accessories

Completing your look can be achieved with the help of accessories, and some well-positioned adornments. For ideas, look to glossy mags that outline what’s in and what’s not to help you get started. Accessorizing can be quite a personal affair since jewelry tends to be given as gifts and chosen with a lot more precision and care than most items of clothing. With this said, don’t shy away from matching some of your most cherished pieces with some other costume jewelry too.

Sunglasses can complete a look, as can pretty hoop earrings, a bold statement watch, and the likes of little embellishments like toe rings, ankle bracelets, tattoos, piercings, as well as headscarves, and headbands.