Pharrell Williams first appeared in a Chanel film with model Cara Delevigne in 2014, rumors of a collab between the singer and the iconic brand have been buzzing. It wasn’t until the Chanel Cruise 2018 show in Bangkok that it was confirmed when Pharrell wore a yellow hoodie with sparkling Chanel logos and teased us with the words “coming soon.”

“Chanel Pharrell” is the brand’s first-ever capsule collection. “This campaign and this film are about a capsule collection, something that they’ve never done in the history of the brand,” Pharrell said in a behind-the-scenes video. “They do that, not with a designer, but with a musician with ambition, with dreams…and dreams come true.” 

Chanel Pharrell Jewellery

In a departure from Chanel’s classic and posh tailoring, Chanel Pharrell has more of a streetwear and athleisure vibe, inspired by biker gangs and the anime film Akira. The collection also exudes Pharrell’s love of gender-neutral dressing, which he uses to express his individuality. Gender-fluid pieces include brightly colored blazers, robes, sweaters, tees and trackpants.


Pharrell, who has collaborated with Adidas in the past, unsurprisingly included sneakers in the collection. One of the styles features marker-like drawings and pays homage to Chanel No. 5. The collection also includes accessories, like pearl necklaces and bucket hats in bright colors, featuring the Chanel logo or “Chanel Pharrell.”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to get your hands on the collection; Chanel Pharrell will first drop in Seoul on March 29 and then globally by April 4.