ponytail2Every girl is destined to deal with the horror of waking up late and being unable to fix her hair at some point in her life. If you hit the snooze button one too many times, you still have options for great-looking hair.

Rather than throwing on a hat or going to work with dripping wet hair, here are 5 different hairstyles that you can do in 5 minutes or less.

The next time you sleep through your alarm, give one of these simple hairstyles a try.

1. Headband

Headbands are very fashionable these days, especially if they are designed to look like natural hair. If you want a hairstyle that literally takes seconds to throw together but looks like it took at least 10 minutes, simply comb your hair straight down, run a straightener through the ends, and put on a headband that looks like a fishtail braid. A fishtail headband can be chosen to match your natural locks so that it looks like you have a perfectly-braided fishtail across your head. You can also choose a thickly-braided headband for a more noticeable, bold look.

2. Casual Side Ponytail

Luckily for you, the messy look is still very popular, so even if you roll out of bed with slightly curled hair that is left over from yesterday’s hairstyle, you can look like you styled it that way intentionally. Simply part your hair far to the side of your head and pull your messy tresses to one side. Secure your hair in place with an elastic or hair clip and gently tousle your bangs to create your purposefully messy look.

3. Loose Braid

A loose braid is a great way to hide the fact that you rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago. You can braid your hair either straight down your back or off to one side. Pull out a few strands of bangs to frame your face and you are ready to race off to your upcoming doctor’s appointment.

4. Half-Up, Half-Down

If you hair is still relatively tame from yesterday’s hairstyle, you can pull off a simple half-up, half-down look. This style is especially cute and simple for ladies who have medium to short hair. To achieve the look, use a comb or your fingers to pull back your hair at the crown of your head. Secure your hair in place at the back of your head with a few bobby pins, and then pull out some wispy strands of hair to frame the front of your face and complete your hairstyle.

5. Topknot

A topknot is a very simple way to throw your hair back out of your face and make a fashion statement when you have very little time. Simply pull your hair straight up on the top of your head, then roll it around into a knot and secure it in place with hair clips or elastics. You can also add some style to your look by wrapping a braided headband around the topknot.

The next time you are running late and don’t think you have time to fix your hair, try one of these simple hairstyles that can be completed in 5 minutes or less.