It can be a little unpredictable how each attempt at shaving will turn out for many of us. Sometimes it’s super easy to attain a smooth, clean shave, and then other times, it feels like your attacking your face. 

The key is to set up a solid shave routine that you stick to each time you shave. In this article, we’ll run through five must-have tips for shaving so that you can feel comfortable and confident with each stroke of your razor.

And we’ll focus on the wet shave method with a razor, as this is one of the most convenient ways to shave.

Don’t Dry Shave

Shaving dry with a razor increases the risk of cuts and discomfort. It also prevents you from taking advantage of one of the benefits of shaving, which is exfoliation.

To soften your skin correctly, we recommend taking a warm shower or bath before you shave to soften your skin adequately. Plus, warm water makes the hair on your face stand up, loosens clogged pores, and expands your skin. These reactions are all beneficial towards a more effortless shaving experience.

Always Use Shave Cream

You might think that soap and water is a terrific lubricant for allowing the razor to glide smoothly across the skin, which it is in some respects. However, soap can be reactive with your skin, leaving it dry and flaky after drying. 

Instead, consider using shave gel or foam to get the smoothest Shave. Even conditioner, body oil, or body lotion could do the trick. Ultimately you want to make the razor slide more easily without your skin becoming too dry.

Plus, once you’ve dried your skin, these types of products will keep it soft and supple.

Shave Against the Grain

Drag your razor against the direction of hair growth for a tighter shave and more effective hair removal.

Hair on the legs, for example, grows downwards, so to get the smoothest results, shave upwards. When it comes to armpit hair, first, shave upwards to get at the shafts of the strands, then reverse the direction to reach the roots.

There are some more detailed instructions to consider about shaving your back.

Exfoliate Before Shaving

Although shaving alone is an excellent way of exfoliating your skin, exfoliating before you shave can be helpful.

By using a facial scrub before shaving, you can remove any dead skin cells that would otherwise clog up your razor, making for a tougher shave. If you take a bath or shower before shaving, then you can add this facial scrubbing routine into the mix with little hassle.

Close Your Pores After Shaving

As we’ve mentioned, showering or bathing in warm water expands your skin and pores.

Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse gently with warm water after removing the gel or foam. Then, to close your pores, rinse your face with cold water.

Finally, to avoid your skin from drying out and getting flakey, apply a moisturizer straight after you finish drying off. You could even make your own moisturizer at home.

Follow These Tips for Shaving

The five tips for shaving we’ve just mentioned will set you on your way to becoming confident with your razor blades.

Never dry Shave, and always try to keep your skin from drying out. Additionally, a sharp razor blade is essential to get fast and smooth results. 

Thanks for checking this article out. For other helpful reads, please take a look at our blog.