The fact that the skateboarding world, its mentality and its aesthetic have always fascinated the fashion industry isn’t something new.

Over the years and with the evolution of styles and customs, skaters have gone from outsiders – often by their own wish – to faces of a new fashion generation. Underground has become mainstream, against the desires of the most OG skaters, who shy away from the spotlight. In the never-ending war between fashion and skate subculture, it has remained famous the controversy sparked by Jake Phelps, the late Thrasher Magazine editor in chief, who called out Justin Bieber and Rihanna for wearing Thrasher T-shirts, calling them ‘fucking clowns’. The issue of the appropriation of a culture that is indeed not part of the fashion industry is bound to remain open, but it’s also true that skate and fashion have always walked on very close paths, which have often intertwined.