Between a Netflix episode, a playlist on Spotify and a recipe in the kitchen to test your cooking skills, it’s highly probable that during one of these endless quarantine afternoons you’ll feel like unleashing your creativity with DIY experiments using fabrics and objects that you have already at home, of course. So let’s take one of those logo shopping bagsthat you’ve kept for no apparent reason, maybe they’re from Versace or Fendi, well, this might be the right occasion to turn them into super cool fashion masks (only with an aesthetic function!).

Below you can find all the steps you need to make a fashion mask.


  1. One logo paper bag
  2. Meter / ruler
  3. Scissors
  4. Stapler
  5. 2 elastic bands of 16 cm each

    STEP 1

    Mark the measurements on the bag of a standard mask: 20.5 cm X 24 cm; trying to keep the logo in the centre. Cut out it.

    STEP 2

    Once the rectangle is obtained, left from the bottom 4 cm, form 3 folds that go towards the centre, 1-2 cm apart. Obviously make sure that the folds hide the logo as little as possible.

    STEP 3

    The result must be a kind of zig-zag shape. Secure the folds with the stapler, both on one side and the other.

    STEP 4

    Take the 2 elastics. Fold the short sides of the guard inwards and secure the two elastics with the stapler, both on one side and on the other. Try to finish the long sides by folding them inwards.

    Once this is done, the mask is ready to be worn!